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Posted: 05 May 2010, 18:20
How possible is it to lose weight, when you hate to exercise?

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Posted: 05 May 2010, 18:28
I think it's quite possible. However, the benefits of exercise far outweigh its initial irritation.

Since I started working out:
1. I sleep better.
2. My skin looks better.
3. I'm happier overall.

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Posted: 05 May 2010, 18:44
do you exercise early in the am or evening?

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Posted: 05 May 2010, 18:48
Extremely possible. One of my friends used to weigh around 200 lbs and got down to around 120 by just dieting. She absolutely H-A-T-E-S exercise.

But I agree with Igelkind - the benefits from exercising are fantastic... even a 15 min walk will help with your weight loss and overall health. Smile

Plus there are SO MANY forms of "exercise" - there's gotta be something you enjoy doing!

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Posted: 05 May 2010, 18:51
15277 wrote:
How possible is it to lose weight, when you hate to exercise?

Exercise is good for you but not needed to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you have to change what you eat long before you even worry about exercising.

That being said, physical activity has numerous other benefits that shouldn't be overlooked. Igelkind definitely hit on at least three of them.

If you hate exercise in the sense of "running on a treadmill" or "doing crunches" then you just need to find something fun. For example, playing golf (without the cart) or window shopping a large mall are both physical activity without the boredom of machines.

"There's no doubt that the Atkins diet will lower your cholesterol, weight and blood pressure and get rid of your diabetes, but then what?" asked Dr. Robert Rosati, the cardiologist who runs The Rice Diet Program Clinic, granddaddy of Durham's diet centers.

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Posted: 05 May 2010, 18:59
thanks so much, I guess I just need some motivation!!!

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Posted: 05 May 2010, 19:02
Exercise is the other half of the equation to successfully losing weight.

Apart from exercise burning calories, improving your cardiovascular health, preventing bone density loss through weight bearing exercises, keeping back pain in check depending on the type of exercise, improving overall mental outlook and clarity, and making your skin glow...if you're trying to lose a large amount of weight, exercise will help tone the muscles and prevent some of the sag that occurs.

So, yes - you can lose weight without exercise, but you'll wish you had. It would have made the process more satisfying.
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Posted: 05 May 2010, 19:20
I lost weight once without exercise. I gained it all back. I never changed my lifestyle, I just dieted until the weight was gone and then slowly went back to my old ways.

Now I've lost weight again WITH exercise and my body is like a totally different person. My shape is completely different and much improved. I hated it too at first. Working out sucks when you're out of shape. But if you just stick with it, you can completely change the way you look and feel, not to mention do one of the best things you can do for your health.

And I love running so much, I don't think I'll be gaining the weight back again.
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Posted: 05 May 2010, 19:27
Another benefit of exercising.... you burn more calories. Muscle burns more than fat therefore you will need to eat more healthy foods to fuel your "fit" body.

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Posted: 06 May 2010, 09:03
15277 wrote:
do you exercise early in the am or evening?

It depends on what I'm doing. If I'm using the treadmill, I like to do it in the morning. Sometimes in the evening, my husband and I walk the dogs around the neighborhood.

As far as "alternative" exercises; I love hiking. I also like to explore and photograph abandoned buildings (which can involve climbing and occasionally running as fast as one possibly can while carrying a bunch of heavy camera gear). Bowling is fun, too. If there's a lake near you, see if they rent row boats. Take a dance class (I hear Zumba is all the rage now) with a friend.

It's so much more than being chained to a treadmill.

Good luck, and keep us posted! <3

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Posted: 06 May 2010, 09:30
You do not need to do much, the biggest benefit of exercise is the ability to build and maintain lean body mass. The amount of calories burned during exercise is not that much. Just give yourself 10 minutes a day, then after awhile you will start to enjoy it because you will see results. Then after a couple of weeks bump it up to 15 minutes and keep increasing until you are getting 30 minutes a day.
You will end up liking it I promise, when you feel and look better because of it you will crave it more and more and miss it when you don't.

Just do 10 minutes, you can do it.

Also look into the Non-Exercise-Activity-Thermogenics (NEAT) study from the Mayo clinic. The point of this study is just get moving, whether you exercise or not little activities through out the day will eventually make a difference. This is simply making the choices of taking the stairs, or when you go shopping in one of those outdoor mall kind of places, instead of driving from store to store, park in the middle and walk to each store, or going for daily walks. It may not be much but it adds up.
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Posted: 06 May 2010, 09:57
Don't think of it as "exercise"! That makes it sound like work! If you have kids you know how sometimes you have to figure out how to make their work fun so they want to do it? Do the same thing!!

1. Find a buddy. With a friend it automatically becomes more enjoyable.

2. Set little goals and focus on the fact you CAN move and what a GREAT world this is! ie: Today I'm going to walk around the block and pick up garbage on my way and see if I can fill a bag. OR: I'm going to jog around the block and listen for the birds. How many will I hear?

3. The one thing that ALWAYS get's me through is this saying: "PAIN IS TEMPORARY, PRIDE IS FOREVER!" Nothing is more depressing than knowing you COULD HAVE and chose NOT TO.

4. With perseverance it gets easier and better!!

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Posted: 06 May 2010, 09:58
I was once told "if you can put it on with a fork, you can take it off with a fork" which is exactly right. The excersize is for the energy, stamina, and power..and a tight body.

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Posted: 06 May 2010, 14:52
I HATE EXERCISING!!!!! Always have, probably always will. The thing I like about it is when I'm finished. Time seems to slow to a crawl when I'm on my elliptical.

However, I really, really like the results.

I started very slowly - 15 minutes of cardio a few times a week and 15 minutes of strength training with very little weight about the same amount of time.

Over a couple of months it became easier and I try to do 150 minutes of cardio a week (5 days, 30 minutes) and 90 minutes of strength training (3 days, 30 minutes).

Some people would think this is too little, some too much. For me it comes down to this: Is my health worth a 4 hour commitment per week? Think about it, 4 hours per week. Sure, it's doing something I absolutely detest, but it's only 4 hours per week.

The results have been phenomenal on just this little amount of exercise. I no longer get winded playing with my kids. I have more energy than I have had in many years. I'm seeing muscles that have been hibernating since my 20's.

When I feel the best is right after a good workout. I hate starting it, I hate doing it, but when I'm done, I feel like I've accomplished something.

Only 4 hours of "medicine" to totally change the way I look and feel. 4 hours of medicine that will probably prolong my life, or allow me to age more gracefully. If you can only do 2 hours a week at first, that's good enough. You will see results.
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 02:11
you dont have to "excersize" to move more. park at the edge of the parking lot so you have a bit more walking to do. (this saves gas and often times, time/frusteration driving around) take the stairs or the scenic route around. plan fun things that are a little more physical than others. if you normally go out to eat with friends, plan a picnic in the park and bring a volleyball/badmitten net, or frisbee. bring healthy potluck items and lots of water.
i dont like excersizing either, but i enjoy water. so we spend a lot of our gym time in the pool..
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Posted: 08 May 2010, 10:22
The joke among my friends is that I am allergic to physical activity. Though it is possible to lose weight purely by dieting it is bad so what I do now is got hooked on to my pedometer started to achieve 10k steps per daywith my stride it is about 4.5 miles and I find most days it is possible with some effort. Now I am seriously considering to improve on my exercises with some resistance and weights.

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Posted: 08 May 2010, 15:57
I adore rjenkins, he thinks just like me.

I hated exercise my entire life. My lease favorite 2 days of every single year were when we ran the mile in high school, and the closest I came to exercise after graduation was my waitressing jobs. Except the one time I had a gym membership with my mom... having a buddy made it much more bearable, not to mention the ipod, the tvs, the eye candy, the magazines... okay, the best was after i was done, i could justify a long time in the sauna.

When I started, it wasn't really a choice, so I dropped money into investing in a wii, and wii fit. Made it a game to move. I got over that stage eventually, added walking (with said ipod), then jogging in place while watching tv, then more wii games that focused on strength... now i do bootcamp 3 times a week, strength and sculpt twice, and cardio 3 times. (which means i work out something 6 out of every 7 days.) I give myself one complete rest day, and then schedules the others so most of them don't have any more than 45 minutes of "working" out.

Because I STILL don't like doing it. Put me on my exercise bike, and time stops. Like LITERALLY. I pray the entire time for the baby to wake up so I can find an excuse to jump off. But the feeling AFTERWARDS, and the general feeling of better-ness (i couldn't think of another word)... those things started right away. Being able to walk to the bus station in the middle of town, for example (which used to be no problem, until the pregnancy added 40 pounds) - little victories out of things that seemed impossible a few months ago... added up. Now, I've got little baby biceps that show when I flex, and I can run around with the crawling baby without having to stop to breath.

Can you lose weight without it... sure. But the physical benefits it gives are AMAZING. and the mental benefit of "triumphing" every time you complete a workout is AWESOME.


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Posted: 08 May 2010, 20:34
Somebody thinks like I do? Uh oh, we're all in trouble now.

Keep up the good work confusedangel. You have a very positive attitude. That appears to be half the battle.
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