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Posted: 25 Mar 2010, 16:23
Is there anyway to record the points you are using in the diet calendar? It tells me my calories but I would also like to know the points.

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Posted: 12 Apr 2010, 18:18
I am looking for that info too....but seeing you posted on 3/25 and not one answere =( oh well...it would be a great feature.

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Posted: 12 Apr 2010, 18:39
they do have the option. you are allowed to track, like, four things on your diet calendar. i track my ww points. Smile

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Posted: 12 Apr 2010, 19:02
Select any entry in your diet calendar, then select "edit preferences". You can choose up to six different items to track "WW points" is one of them. I'm on Atkins, so I also selected "Net Carbs". Hope this helps...

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