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Posted: 08 Mar 2010, 10:03
I am looking to find a friend(s) who are somewhat like me. I am 32 (33 this year) and looking to put on weight. Yes I want to put on weight. Not that fat over bearing cant breathe weight but that lean muscle washboard abs weight...

@ the age of 30 I was 150 give take less...6' tall and LOVED basketball, still do. But I am tired of being that skinny kid on the block, always was, and now have focused to building muscle and weight.

I would just love to have someone who I can count on for encouragement, and guide me through. I know a few routines and want to follow the P90X meal plan but $$ is not my strong suit. I packed on the weight lately by not playing basketball anymore and eating the house (LOL). But I did get back to working out. I started with the Perfect Pushup 21 day plan, which was great...It got me motivated and ready. Now I got a few weights (I am more into strength) and feel the weight will make the size.

Anyway if anyone out there I am here.
33, male living in Nyack, NY with wonderful fiancee and child, looking for weight and workout friend for encouragement.

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Posted: 08 Mar 2010, 13:50
Good luck man! I am just about finished getting myself back to 10% body fat and going to work on adding 15-20 pounds of muscle.

There is a lot of information out here, so my 2 suggestions, research as much as you can before you try a new eating program. Not everone will tell you the truth and not every plan is right for you. Eat everything that you can, but eat clean foods.

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