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Posted: 16 Feb 2010, 11:47
Sad i get on these health kicks and it never sticks!! Im in school and i work all week and dont have to really work out or wtach what i eat! WHen i get on my kicks im so sure of myself that its gonna work this time and i only disappoint myself Crying or Very sad . Please throw some motivation my way i could really use it!

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Posted: 16 Feb 2010, 13:57
Motivation by others isn't going to help until you have enough of your own motivation to stick to a routine. You said you don't have time to watch what you eat. I don't get it. If it's in your hand or on a fork and it's about to go in your mouth, how long does it take to say to yourself, I shouldn't be eating that?

I looked at your diet calendar. It is of little help if it is so incomplete. I see your eating french fries? I also see too few calories, to little veggies, too little fiber.

I suggest picking a diet plan with rules that are a healthy alternative to the way you are going about trying to lose weight.

Your diet plan as far as I can see is a starvation diet. No one can remain living like this and keep the weight off. Calorie resrtriction diets lower your metabolic rate. As soon as you have a few too many calories, they are saved as fat. You will gain it all back plus a little more.

Take some time and research a diet that suits your living style and budget. You have to have it set in your mind your ready to change your lifestyle. No one else can lose they weight for you.

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Posted: 17 Feb 2010, 06:34
I agree with Peefat but would like to offer a way of increasing your personal motivation. Write a list of every reason you can think of that you want to lose weight. Every time you're about to order french fries or something equally high in fat/high calorie/high sugar review this list.

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Posted: 17 Feb 2010, 07:36
You don't have to workout or watch what you eat? Are you crazy? You're a 170+ lbs girl/woman that wants to lose 50 lbs and you're eating donuts, french fries and drinking Coke? No one but yourself will be able to motivate you. You'll just have to find your inner strength, like one day you won't like what you see in the mirror, or you'll get tired of your "big" clothes being "too small". Or maybe you'll visit the doctor and he'll tell you that you have Type-II Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Anyone of these should provide enough motivation for an individual such as yourself to take control of their personal health. However, I was just like you many many years ago and thought I had time later down the road to take care of my weight problem, but I was wrong and now time is running out. That right there was motivation for me to get off my butt and make time to exercise and eat right. It's a long war, but I'm winning the battle each day.

I'll tell you a little secret to losing weight and it's really easy to do and doesn't even require exercise. I didn't believe it until I actually did it. Here goes.... you stop eating empty carb junk foods like donuts, french fries, white bread, pasta, soda, chips, candy bars... all that crap. These things will only make you crave more of the same once you're done eating it. Why do you think the old joke is true about eating Chinese Food and 1 hour later you're hungry again? Because of the noodles and white rice, fried foods, etc. isn't good for you nutrionally and because they're loaded with bad carbohydrates, you'll end up "feeling" hungry again.

If you really want to lose weight, make time to exercise, like starting off with a walk around the block, then work up to 1 mile and so on. Replace the junk foods with green or coniferous vegetables. Stay away from fruit juices, but eat whole fruits in moderation. Stay away or limit your consumption of sugar, starches and wheat products. This advice alone will help you lose at least 10 lbs in the first few weeks, if not the first week alone like I've personally seen happen to myself as well as other people I've read about that is on the Atkins diet, however, I'm not preaching to you about Atkins per se, but letting you know "some" of the principals of the diet (actually fruit isn't encouraged to eat on the diet, but it is a staple of most other diets out there and they do provide you with daily vitamins). Most import thing... quit eating processed foods! Those pre-packaged foods are loaded with stuff that isn't good for your health. Eat real food that you have to pre-pare yourself.

Anyhow, my reply is more of a wake up call to you. Just paying it forward. If you didn't want the truth, you wouldn't have made a post asking for motivational help. Good luck.

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Posted: 17 Feb 2010, 08:34
Don't give up!

I like to come on this sight and read other people's idea. That motivates me and keeps me thinking about what I need to do. I understand how easy it is to go back to the "easy" eating when you get busy. You could just make a couple ajustments each week and start to build some better eating habits. Positive changes help build more positive changes!

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Posted: 17 Feb 2010, 08:38
My biggest advice for beginners would be to start things slow. Cut down on one thing you know you shouldn't be eating, then another one, and then another. Then slowly add more exercising, and more and more.

That's how I did it and it made me believe that it wasn't that tough at all.

Also, make sure you reward yourself when you achieve small goals, but not with food or drinks of course! Go for some spa treatments or new clothes or maybe tickets to see that band you like.

Hope this helps Smile

Vegan, P90X grad and happy Smile
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