Fat/Protein/Carb - what is ideal?

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Posted: 22 Jan 2010, 10:12
The Food Diary tracks your total Fat/Protein/Carb intake for the day in that pie chart. However what are the recommended percentages of each?

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Posted: 22 Jan 2010, 12:48
Not 4-1 carbs to protien Wink To lose weight you need to reduce your carbs and increase your protien and healthy fats. You should talk to your doctor or a nutritionist to get the exact numbers.

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Posted: 23 Jan 2010, 12:36
Yeah I know I'm not currently where I should be, but wanted to know a good ratio to shoot for. Also, I realize that not all fats and carbs and protein are created equal. Thanks for replying!

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Posted: 23 Jan 2010, 12:55
A good Ratio to start is 50/30/20 Carb/Protein/Fat. Gotta eat fat to burn fat.

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Posted: 23 Jan 2010, 13:06
this is a good website for basic nutrition information:


good luck!

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