Breaking Life-long eating habits

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Posted: 28 Jan 2021, 08:51
I grew up as a very active child in a very rural environment. Big meals were the order of the day as I played and worked hard. Even in college I was riding my bike and walking everywhere. I played racketball every day, played on a softball team, fished from kayaks and canoes etc. Still eating big meals (cafeteria/unlimited). Then I graduated and got a job at a desk. I exercised some but did not change my eating habits to compensate for my reduced activity.

By the time I was 40 I was obese. Always trim as a child and young adult, I was now a fat, middle-aged man. In my early 50's I had gotten very close to 400 lbs! I then suffered congestive heart failure and was inspired to lose almost 100 lbs. A large part of which was fluid. Then for 10 years or more I was stuck at around 300-310 lbs. So now I have a pacemaker and trouble moving around.

I recently settled on Fat Secret to use as a dieting aid. I'm sort of a tech nerd and wanted something that could export data to use on a spread sheet. The counting of calories has told me a lot about what I eat and how it will affect my type II diabetes. Very useful in figuring insulin doses. The hardest thing for me to master is realizing I don't have to clean my plate every time... that one hot dog or hamburger will suffice, not two and that things like slaw and salad are just as good a side as fries.

So far it is working. I'm down 16 or so lbs in almost 2 months. I look forward to sharing with this group and continuing learning how to eat well and that less is usually enough.


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i dont take much stock in it but the 1090 is subtracted from the 1796but the net isnt right it should be 706 so now im confused to. Its suppose to be your excersize minus your calorie intake i believe ...
by Hooligan2 on 10 Apr 21 06:34 PM
The Book - Atomic Habits by James Clear
Hello, I just purchased the book Atomic Habits. It starts out with a story about a Bat to the nose. I look forward to reading and applying it. Will keep you posted. Kirk
by Two Thirty Three on 09 Apr 21 10:08 AM
Restaurant food
Are you currently monitoring your cabs intake, is that what you mean? Its hard to count carbs if you are eating in a restaurant since you don't know all the ingredients in the food.
by BlondVital on 08 Apr 21 10:33 PM
enter foods
I am new and still figuring things out but, seems like you do a search and then find the closest one to what you have. Once you pull up the correct item click enter.
by lisarene2u on 08 Apr 21 10:13 PM
too fat
:oops: I have got to do better. I don't want to be fat and old.
by Deborah Zayas on 08 Apr 21 07:55 PM

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