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Posted: 18 Jan 2021, 12:21

My first day here and not sure I'm quite ready to record yet.
I'm a "My Fitness Pal" user and found this app recommended on

I think I might like this app better than MFP. Pretty cool to open the app up and see people posting and sharing. Feel free to add me as a pal or whatever, but not sure how active I'll be yet. I'm first trying to figure out goals to set, so my attention is on that atm before spending my energy logging things in. From past experience, logging things in is kinda work for me, and after a while, I get tired of it and stop, so that'll probably happen here as well (aka I'll "leave" for several months, maybe a year, then reappear).

I'm curious about the journal entries. -Are those things private and/or different from forum posts? I know I'm making a forum post now cause I'm using the website (and not the app), but can't seem to figure out how to make a post through the app. Any explanation would be appreciated!

This app caught my attention because it looked like you could see your recorded vitamins and minerals (or at least some), but I can't see to find that, (maybe I was wrong), so if anyone knows anything about this, I would really appreciate that as well!

A quickie about me and my goals:
My real name is Sharleen and I live in New England (if anyone wants to know). I'm 32 years old and would love to change my lifestyle to be better fit.
I've learned that a healthy gut means your body can absorb nutrients better, so I'm trying to figure out ways to ensure I have probiotics in my diet daily (Pillar yogurt drinks are awesome for this! <3). I know vitamin C is great, so I'm adding lemon to my water and aiming for 64oz of water a day (min). Looking for other "easy" ways to incorporate other vitamins/nutrients into my diet, so if anyone has any of these hacks, please share!

Thanks for reading! ^^

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