When the going gets tough, the tough fast?

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Posted: 03 Aug 2020, 03:06
I had been a very strict keto Taliban for 3 years. I lost a lot of weight at the beginning, going back down from 110Kgs to 91kgs in 8 months, without cravings or anything. Well, I am a 51 y.o. guy who has never stopped training like a fighter (weightlifting, bodyweight training, tons of stairs, hard hiking, shadowboxing, rope skipping, you name it) in spite of my joints slowly giving up on me. Training makes me hungry and I really like cooking. Since I cook for my family, I drifted out of keto and began to eat like a "normal person", though no processed foods, everything home made from scratch with quality ingredients. I also let the batteries of my scale run out, since I was not using it that very often anymore. Big mistake. https://9apps.ooo/

Next thing you know, I was back to 106 (with new batteries). That was quite a shock. I spent 2 months counting every calorie I was eating and keeping a 1,000 Cal deficit from my maintenance RDI, going back to hardcore keto in the midst of the Chinese Virus crisis (let this one slide, I live in Hong Kong and the virus comes from China). Of course, I lost a lot of water in the first few days and went down to 102, at which weight I stayed for the longest time.

So, since my body is trying to give up on me, I am punishing it by engaging in a water fast until I get 10Kg down. I really forced myself out of it this morning to finish a half-cup of home made Greek yogurt that was taking the appearance of delicious moldy French cheese in the fridge (30 years in China have made me impervious to food poisoning anywhere in the world), but apart from those 140 Calories, which have been my only food this week, this is it until I get back down to 92. 6kg to go.

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Posted: 24 Sep 2020, 02:36
I am currently in day 2 of a water fast and feeling ok but i do notice that i always feel better in the morning and tend to have rougher patches later in the day. But that’s just me. The biggest issue i find is that meals punctuate the day and without them time tends to drag.

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