Type I Diabetes — Low-Carb Snacks

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Denis Cote

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Posted: 30 Jul 2020, 14:35
Hi there,
Can anyone introduce me to any low-carb snacks? Especially high-protein ones.
Thank you.

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Posted: 30 Jul 2020, 17:54
Nuts are the best.

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Posted: 03 Aug 2020, 11:22
Avocado, black olives are about it that I know. If you take more protein than you use in a day, it gets stored as, you guessed it, FAT. Snacks are pretty much off limits. Your weight divided by 2.2 is the amount of protein you need per day. I have to watch it in the 1 meal a day I have. It's EASY to go over with protein, as much as with carbs. If your carbs are below 50 per day, and you go over with protein, you've defeated your diet goal, and are again storing fat. Never said it would be easy. I have poultry and veg soup for breakfast, and eat a late supper with a salad for desert. Not very exiting for sweet cravings. Good luck!

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