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Posted: 19 Dec 2019, 17:26
Hi everyone.

My name is Ben. I'm the Product Lead at FatSecret. I'm about to roll into my fourth year with the company and after investing the first three years in helping our founders get the company onto a path whereby we can grow our team and reinvest in the company, I'm now encouraging our team to be more focused on our users.

Our FatSecret community is populated with people with a variety of stories: be they different nutritional goals, different challenges and obstacles, different paths to success. There's also a lot of similarities that help us work out what are the best things for us to focus on to help the most number of people.

I'm looking for people in our community who would like to share their stories in two different ways.

The first, is for anyone interested in being interviewed for our podcast. It's intent is to help others understand some of the struggles to expect, solutions to challenges that arise, and tips and tricks to getting where they want to go with their nutrition.

The podcast is called FatSecrets - you can find it on itunes, spotify, stitcher etc

The second, is for our annual team day, we are looking to put together a series of videos from our users, talking about what FatSecret has done for them. Helping our team see the difference we're making, is the motivation we need to make sure we keep building the right things for our users.

If you're interested in contributing to either or both of these, please message me on here, or send me an email: ben@fatsecret.com

You can be anywhere in the world to participate in either of these.


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Posted: 20 Dec 2019, 11:06
I am interested
Every day is a new day.

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Posted: 21 Dec 2019, 20:46
Have messaged you abbadabba

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Posted: 29 Dec 2019, 16:54
Hi Ben

basically your app , which I think is the best one out there is a good stepping stone in learning to manage food and activity to get to a healthy weight, however it is not something I think that anyone needs to do or use forever once they have gained that knowledge and self control...i.e. changed their lifestyle.

I used it for about a year and then stopped and haven't weighed or recorded what I have eaten in years ……..I also have not put on any weight whatsoever...………..I don't know if you try to sell it as a constant life companion but I do not think that long term it is healthy to do so

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