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Posted: 04 Dec 2019, 09:14
Hi Everyone. I'm kind of starting over again. Aren't we all? lol. Actually, I only have a few pounds left to go but I really need exercise motivation AND to eat a bit healthier. One thing is adding as many anti-inflammatory foods as I can. My body does not take the junk foods it used to, and it should not. I wish you all great success in your goals!
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Posted: 05 Dec 2019, 11:58
Hi Jen! Me too. I'm also back here for healthier eating and exercise goals. Also recently discovered my food preference is mostly vegan (+ salmon Smile so I've stopped eating birds/mammals (which surprisingly brought down inflammation for me right my case). I need to monitor that I'm getting enough protein. And--I need to hold myself accountable every day for making sure I eat a good variety and try to fit in some kind of exercise. I wish you great success!

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Time to chime in
Keep up the great work! I just started, we'll see how well I can stick with the program!
by Janeinleona on 06 May 20 01:26 AM
Hello peoples! 😛
Hi, everyone! I'm a teen and I LOVE taking care of my body. When I'm running or doing yoga, I'm actually silent for once and always have a smile on my face. I recently ran my first 5k and hope ...
by estherhunt on 01 May 20 12:35 PM
submiting my first post
Hi @Virginiatalamantez I'm new myself Started 3 days ago mainly just been tracking the food I eat on here. This is my 1st Post. I'm on a mission to lower my A1C and hopefully about 15 lb's ...
by Kitchenkats on 30 Apr 20 02:55 PM
Just starting
The green # by the clock is the # of calories you have burned by exercise that you recorded. Net calories are the amount of calories you have eaten minus the number of calories you have burned by exer ...
by slip-hayes on 22 Apr 20 04:43 PM
Need to get back on track
In the box next to portions you can insert 1/2 and it will calculate it.
by lou annrock on 28 Feb 20 05:18 AM

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