Hello! also- what is going on with the RDI?

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Posted: 30 Oct 2019, 13:36
Hello everyone!

I am pretty new to the community but am going to be doing my best to get myself back on track in terms of weight - desk jobs seem to be doom for my waistline :/

One thing I have been confused about on this site is it's recommended daily calorie intake. It's telling me that to diet as aggressively as they set the numbers, I should eat 2900 calories! (6' 24yo male, excercise 4-5/week, 195 pounds). The thing is, that is way more than I normally eat in a day, which got me up to this weight? Since tracking my calories really religiously on this app over the last two days, I have eaten 1900 calories one day, and 1800 calories the next (and I am mostly directly measuring calories from tags so no errors). I wasn't at all hungry at the end of the days, and though I dealt with hunger pangs at certain times it certainly wasn't anything major. What gives? Do I just have a really slow metabolism even though I always thought I have a fast metabolism? Or are the numbers for men really off?

Does anyone have any suggestions about what numbers I should aim to be hitting?

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Posted: 30 Oct 2019, 16:24
You can double check with another site and see. Better to leave exercise out when you do these calculations.

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