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Posted: 12 Nov 2009, 13:51
Hello,I am new to this community. I am really excited to start using the site. I have been working on losing 50lbs. Only 30 more to go. I'm hoping this will help me meet my goal.

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Posted: 12 Nov 2009, 14:03
Hi Kim--Welcome! I've been in and out of this site for a few years but it is definitely a good site. You find support and encouragement for those with similar goals. Stick with it and you can do it!

Joined: Nov 09
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Posted: 12 Nov 2009, 18:34
You're doing great! Have you checked out the challenges? Lots of things there to keep you on track.

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Posted: 12 Nov 2009, 21:01
Wow I wish I could do that! Hang in there you can do it!

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