Fathers Day

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Posted: 21 Jun 2009, 18:22
Happy Fathers Day To All!!!!

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ty much. sorry about caps, just typed wasnt looking...sorry didnt want to offend you...you may need a a treat if it bothered you...first time posting and i get a smartie pants...but thanks again
by Shazamor on 23 Sep 18 04:48 PM
FOR WOMEN ONLY! ...What is your problem?
how can you have more than ONE BIGGEST problem?
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 04:03 PM
there is no need to eat something you don't like, this is just a distraction, yoghurt has no magical properties if you do a 'diet' you will ultimately fail as 95% of diets ultimately do. ...
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 02:20 PM
I heard that eating sugar can raise blood sugar
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 02:15 PM
if you cant do it all the time forever, whatever it is you do it wont work
by spacey48 on 23 Sep 18 02:13 PM