hi im new here- im a recovering bulemic, looking to sustain weight healthy way

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Posted: 21 Jun 2009, 16:11
hello, names tiffany, 16
im 5'6 110 lbs (today) and looking to sustain my weight the healthy way (i.e. not bulemically) ive been struggling with bulemia,
im vegan
i love running, and football, and shopping.

hope this site helps Smile

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Posted: 21 Jun 2009, 20:47
Hi, Tiffany! You've come to a good place. Smile

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Posted: 21 Jun 2009, 22:57
hi, welcome Smile

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Posted: 21 Jun 2009, 23:25
I'm also trying to recover. Last few weeks having a little bit of a set back, but I will be back on track soon

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Posted: 22 Jun 2009, 04:48
I've just had a look at your profile, your current bmi is 17.1 and your target weight gives a BMI of 16. This is not healthy. I would suggest that you go speak to a doctor or dietician about your issues.

This website will help provide support for you to eat healthily but shouldn’t be used as a place to justify bad eating habits.

Just my opinion.

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Posted: 22 Jun 2009, 05:42
I agree that your target BMI is too low. eating heathly foods is great but if you don't eat enough you will still have a problem - your metabolism will shut down and hoard it's fat (starvation mode) and then your body will start "eating" muscle and bone while preserving fat. I can't imagine that is your goal. if you want to maintain a healthy weight but have a lean "sclupted" look - then start weight training ... weight training + ENOUGH good food = much lower fat and nice toned muscles. shoot for at least 12 calories per lb and each meal needs to contain protein and a good carb.

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