ENCOURAGEMENT POST: Reversed T2 Diabetes & Almost at Weight Goal

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Posted: 30 Aug 2019, 12:34
I am apologizing in advance this will be a long post. I haven't posted in years. I have used Fatsecret for over 10 years and most of that time has been spent gaining and losing the same 25 lbs. I would follow an eating plan to the letter and not lose weight or lose it REALLY R E A L L Y slowly! Then the second I stopped I would almost instantly regain what I had lost even though not over eating. THE KEY (THAT I DIDN'T YET KNOW) WAS I WAS SEVERELY INSULIN RESISTANT.

I have eaten fairly low carb for more than 10 years. I did about 9 months with Intermittent Fasting 3 years ago and slowly brought my weight down about 15 lbs. Each time, the second I stopped, I was ravenously hungry (insulin drives this) and experienced instant regain. I got "pissy" last year. I was fed up. I had intestinal tract issues. I had allergy issues. Inflammation was rampant and I could tell something was really wrong but was looking in the wrong direction. I thought I was having reactions to foods but it was much bigger than that.

Fast forward to Feb. 1, 2019. After a routine physical with full panel blood work, I got a frantic call from my Doctor. You are highly diabetic and need to immediately get on medications. My A1C was 12.5 and my blood glucose was over 500. I was in utter shock. I had no idea that this was what I was dealing with. I knew it ran in my family, which is why I have been mostly low carb for a long time. In my getting angry with my body and my inability to lose weight I had just about given up. Just before diagnosis I had been down to eating only chicken, white rice and a few veggies as they were the only time my tummy was okay. The white rice is what caused my diabetes to explode and be detected.

I had heard stories of people who had reversed their diabetes by diet so I began to research "reversing diabetes" on youtube and rediscovered Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Berg and added in Dr. Ken Berry and a couple others I discovered along the journey. I read everything I could get my hands on and watched 1-2 hours of videos a day the first few weeks.

I met with my RN case manager at Kaiser Permanente about 6 weeks into the process and he affirmed my desire to go low carb and recommended Keto. He told me, "My patients that are doing the best are all on Keto." So my journey to wellness began. I once again barely lost weight but was at least losing. After beginning Keto I lost a little bit faster but still slowly. At that point I mulled over what I had read and watched. Every success story seemed to trace back to two disciplines: Keto/low carb and Intermittent and extended fasting. I had tried both BUT NOT TOGETHER.

The second I combined the two the magic began to happen. The scale began to move. At first fairly slowly, but steadily began to pick up and in the last month I have lost 10 lbs. My A1C on 6-15-19 was 5.7, just 1/10th of a point out of non-diabetic. All of my lipid panel markers are improved, kidney function (which wasn't damaged, thank God!) improved, liver function improved, blood pressure which is always low, is back to my high school/early adult level, averaging around 105/66 and my pulse is down from averaging around 90 to 70.

I not only started low carb eating but a variation called: Low Carb, Moderate protein, High fat. My ratios were around 70% fat/20% protein/ 5% carbs. Once I was "fat adapted" which means my body had switched to burings fat instead of glucose and could easily switch between carbs and fat but preferred fat, I started fasting 16 hours and eating 3 low carb meals in a window of 8 hours. As that got easier I moved it to 18 hours fasting and 2 low carb meals in a window of 6 hours. NO SNACKING. The purpose of this is to lower insulin resistance. Every time a bite goes into our mouths insulin is released. If we eat according to the current "wisdom" and have 6 small meals a day, our insulin never goes below the spiked level unless we are sleeping or "fasting."

Insulin is working hard to rid the blood of glucose and stuff it into our cells where it is used for energy. The cells get over full and shut down access to insulin (the resistance) so Insulin finds other places to stuff it in the liver, the pancreas and every other organ in the body as well as making that awful high waist tummy fat. When there is no place left to stuff it and it spills into the blood stream and someone gets diagnosed with T2D. We've actually probably had Diabetes for 10-15 years BEFORE it shows up on a blood test. I wish I had known all of this -- that's why I'm sharing my story now. Maybe one of you reading are looking for the same answers I was.

We moved our last meal of the day to no later than 4 pm as often as possible. We have always been late night eaters and night owls. No longer and we both sleep much better for it.

After growing comfortable with this schedule which was perhaps 2-3 weeks I undertook a 24 hour fast. No lies, I struggled! The first was rough, the second less so and by the time I had done it 3 times it was a breeze. I have now gone as long as 4 days and my BG numbers are outstanding on a long fast. It is especially healing to my insulin resistance. Dr. Fung says to be patient, it can take 1-2 years to reverse severe insulin resistance.

I am sleeping through the night with only getting up to go to the bathroom 1 time at the most. That sleep is crucial to healing diabetes and losing weight. I am supplementing with as natural as available products.

HERE'S THE HARD NEWS: I have discovered that coffee/caffeine stimulates my cortisol and hinders my losing weight. So, I weaned myself off of not only coffee but any caffeine... immediate results on weight loss for me. Sweeteners (I have been a long time user of stevia) prevent me from losing weight. The reason behind that is that they don't raise blood glucose but the instantly raise insulin. The body tastes sweet and instantly raises insulin to fight it off as sugar is basically a poison.

This morning I was 168.2 lbs. I started in February at 205 lbs. My all time high was 228 lbs. I am 3 lbs. away from my first goal of 165. Now that I am approaching it, I realize my goal needs to be more like 155. I am 5' 8" and 60 years old.

If I can do this so can you! If you have any questions I will be happy to point you to the best answers I found. If I can cut short your period of frustration, disappointment and poor health that will be all the reward I need! Smile


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Posted: 30 Aug 2019, 19:18
You are a role model!!!
Mrs Terri

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Posted: 02 Sep 2019, 00:01
Thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to me!!
Orly Girl

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Posted: 06 Sep 2019, 20:16
Thank you. I started my diet because I was becoming afraid of getting type 2 Diabetes. I have thin arms and legs, but carry all my weight in my mid section as well. I gained about 5 pounds a year after menopause, and had to give up my rich treats like chocolate, cheese, most dairy as well. My family all have the same shape as I do, beer belly or pregnant type figure. It's hard to lose this weight that accumulates around the torso! Your post encourages me, some great tips to try when things stall, or slow down as they have the last 2 months.

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Posted: 16 Sep 2019, 12:50
Thanks for sharing. I have Kaiser in So. Cal. How did you get a RN case manager? I am morbidly obese and attended Healthy Balance but recommendations are not low carb and gained from healthy balance macros.

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Posted: 16 Sep 2019, 14:01
Thank you for sharing. I have considered keto. I have a small problem with the macro percents, but am trying. I see the 75/20/5 ratios, but when I check macros I am more at 65/20/15, so am going to look up more keto meal ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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Posted: 16 Sep 2019, 16:33
Great inspiration. Some of the things that you have said, I face as well. Although nothing showed up on the annual blood test as a diabetic marker yet, I am sure I too face insulin resistance based on your story. I snack a lot. I go about 10 hours with out solid food but eat about every two hours rest of the time. That makes around 6 to 7 intakes per day. Also I drink black coffee about 4 times a day which will give rise to cortisol as per your post. I struggled to lose weight even when I followed strictly a decent calorie diet for 4 months (average of 1800 calories) and some moderate exercise which should have resulted in reduction and gained a lot in few weeks I stopped this diet. My immediate take away from your post is 1) To reduce the coffee (control cortisol), 2) Do that fasting of 12 to 14 hours and eat the rest of the meals daily in the remaining 9 hours and 3) To stop eating after 8 PM and additionally have atleast 8 hours sleep. I am not sure if I have to start a Keto yet. Keto appears a bit extreme. I rather want to do a 5:2 diet where I eat just less than 800 calories for two days and recommended amount of calories (around 2000 calories) with a medium carb diet for the rest 5 days. Hope this this change in the routine helps to reduce the possible insulin resistance I face with.

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