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Bran W

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Posted: 05 Aug 2019, 16:08
Can you exercise while doing the Keto diet? I have been told that it will halt your results so DO NOT EXERCISE but use the keto fat burn pills. Please help I'm confused.

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Posted: 06 Aug 2019, 01:33
shugs dad

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Posted: 11 Aug 2019, 15:12
if you are able to exercise while on the keto diet you defiantly should although it is best to start small at first especially if your not used to exercising regular

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Posted: 12 Aug 2019, 18:47

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Posted: 13 Aug 2019, 10:27
Just a thought. Eat what you enjoy within a calorie budget. To feel a little more full, make sure to get enough protein. You found this app so use it to control an energy balance that your body needs. Personally, I don't think body weight reflects how many carbs a person eats, it reflects how many calories they eat. At least that is what I found after the past 28 years of naturally staying lean and strong. Good luck to you!


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Posted: 13 Aug 2019, 14:38
Most important is to have the best organised meal plans.Good luck

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Posted: 14 Aug 2019, 12:52
Keto is not about pills and shakes. You can learn about Keto from google. Just simply type in Ketogenic diet into the search bar. You can read what Wikipedia has written and you can talk to your doctor about it. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

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Posted: 15 Aug 2019, 10:21
I am starting ketogenic diet (therapy) today. I have done it in the past and now I am doing it under a doctors supervision, you are welcome to join me! Ketogenic was started by someone in the medical field specifically for children with Epiliepsy. It is an anti-inflamtitary diet. It's branched out to adults now. So I am being more consious of what I put in my body now. As someone who also has an ED this is a struggle. I don't have $ So it's tough, but there are a few rules that make it not too hard to live by. And actually saves$

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Posted: 15 Aug 2019, 21:52
Good luck silverlinnin!!!!

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