Tired of meat, nuts, eggs and cheese

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Posted: 05 May 2009, 13:54
Does anyone have any ideas for snacks while on Atkins. Im tired of eating the same stuff and since I cant have the atkins bars anymore and I dont eat pork I need to find some other snack alternatives besides pork rinds before I go crazy.

Any ideas that wont stall me would be appreciated.

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Posted: 05 May 2009, 14:09
How about some fruit or veggies??
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Posted: 05 May 2009, 14:51
Well, being on Atkins limits your choices of food. Depending on how many carbs you are allowed to have each day you can add different veggies in your diet for snacks. My favorite - tomato "sandwiches" slices of steak tomato with basil leaves and fresh mozzarella cheese in between. Celery w/ peanut or almond butter is something else to try. I drink low-carb protein shakes. It took me awhile to find the one i like and can tolerate all right. It does not have to be Atkins. Try greek style yogurt or cottage cheese (if dairy is allowed in your stage) it has the lowest amount of carb and the highest protein in yogurt family. If you are sick of the choices allowed on your current stage - move to the next one. You cant be on introduction forever!!! Good luck
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Posted: 05 May 2009, 16:31
I usually like to have a snack and lately I have been making really easy lettuce rolls!

1 slice of turkey ham + 1 slice of cheese (optional) put it on a fresh lettuce and roll it like a "taco"... tastes good, and is better if the lettuce is nice and crispy fresh!
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Posted: 05 May 2009, 18:27
Thanks to all, I will try these suggestions.

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Posted: 12 Aug 2009, 08:54
I'd look into getting some flaxseed meal. There are so many extremely low carb recipies you can find using flaxseed meal, including crackers, bread, pizza crust, oatmeal, etc..... Its also a great for getting in your fiber and Omega 3s
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Posted: 12 Aug 2009, 11:04
Flaxseed Muffins in a Minute are great too. Here's the basic recipe. You can use them for sandwiches, toast, muffins, dessert muffins -- just use your imagination!

1/4 c flax meal (golden flax is mildest) Flax meal is just flax seed ground up. A coffee grinder will do the trick.
1 tsp baking powder (be careful not to use baking SODA ewwwww!)
1 packet sweetener
1 TBSP butter or coconut oil
1 egg

Add spices as desired. You can also add canned pumpkin to make a pumpkin muffin. When in OWL you can add berries and other goodies to them.

Stir all items well in a coffee mug or other container. The basic recipe cooks in 1 min 15 sec. on most microwaves. The more goodies you add the more time you'll need to add as well.

You can slice the muffin and toast it for toast, for sandwiches or other uses.

When you get to OWL and have done the nut rung you can use 1/8 cup almond meal (you can buy at Trader Joe's) in place of the same amount of flax. It makes a more refined muffin. Drink a lot of water with them as they are extraordinarily high in fiber. They can be very helpful to "keep things moving" as Atkins can cause some problems in that area for some people.

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Posted: 12 Aug 2009, 12:07
Also, be careful w/ the flaxseed meal. I believe it is 100% fiber. If not, its very close. Drink plenty of water or you'll be constipated. And start slow, approx 2 TBSP/day, because it will make you VERY regular, if you know what I mean lol.
Carbs are the devil in disguise

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