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Posted: 10 Mar 2009, 19:20
I am back after a long break. Things have been so stressful with job lay offs and elderly parent and in-law illnesses and issues. I stopped taking care of myself and that doesn't help anyone. I have gained but beating myself up about it won't fix it. Getting on program and focusing an hour a day on my fitness is what will fixt it. I am so grateful for this site and the support found here!

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Seeking some advice
So glad to hear,you can somewhat relax. Now that you know the next step is to get help for it. Don't ever think it is a weakness to seek help, it just means you are a strong warrior who will fight ...
by Sunshine and roses on 24 Jul 21 01:39 PM
Just Starting my diet
I'd say it is good to be at 95% of your calories because that way if you get hungry you still have a little left for a snack.
by Sara7200 on 24 Jul 21 12:08 PM
water tracker
On my phone app is water tracker but not here? Also I bought the meal update on the phone but doesn't show here. Any help wold be appreciated. Same sign in>
by Sunshine and roses on 24 Jul 21 11:47 AM
Belly Fat
kimreanea wrote: Anyone have trouble with getting rid of belly fat please tell me how you got results loosing it....Thanks Are you on a diet now or not? And do you take care of your body?
by LauraFields on 23 Jul 21 12:17 PM
Don't be scared of Miller High Life beer
Calories are what matter. People should be afraid of alcohol because it lowers willpower to stay away from calorie dense food. It's fine in moderation.
by Diablo360x on 23 Jul 21 01:15 AM

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