Gluten and Weight Problems

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Posted: 10 Mar 2009, 11:44
For many years I have questioned at times if gluten was an issue for me but always dismissed it as I obviously am not wasting away. Even when I am not closely following Atkins and gaining back some of my lost weight I have eaten reasonably low carb. I do typically add in small amounts of low carb bread products and have added wheat gluten to my flax pancakes in small amounts. During my attempts at weight loss in the last few months I have continued to be bloated and have abdominal discomfort. I took a more relaxed attitude toward diet when my small grandsons were visiting for a week and ate more wheat based products although not great amounts. I didn't get right back on track and continued eating some breads, etc. There was quite a bit of flu locally so when I became more nauseated and had greater abdominal pain I thought I was a victim. As this persisted for 3 weeks and I was exhausted and hurting I began googling possible causes. There was an article I read about being overweight and gluten intolerance. I removed all gluten from my diet 4 days ago including Atkins bars and my bloating and abdominal pain have literally gone away. I decided to leave in a few other higher carb items at the moment just to make sure the effect was the gluten. Has anyone else experienced gluten intolerance even though overweight?

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Posted: 10 Mar 2009, 21:52
Have you been tested for Celiac's? My old roommate used to get those exact symptoms when she ate bread... even though she knew that with Celiac's you don't eat bread lol.

Have you tried only using whole grain wheat products? Some people dont respond well to the bleached and refined white four.

What happens if you cut out the flour products altogether?
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