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Posted: 15 Feb 2009, 15:38
ATTENTION WEIGHT WATCHER FOLLOWERS~~~Something you might want to be aware of is the food points on this site are not always accurate. We actually get more food for the points than we should be getting, now that is nice, but not good for losing weight. For example, 8 oz. Silk light chocolate is 2 pts., FS says 1 point. One cup of oatmeal is 4 pts. FS says 2 points and it goes on like that. I got on my scale for fun this a.m. and was shocked it showed a weight gain but knowing what I know now I am not surprised. I have been eating too much to lose. I am diligent about keeping track of points and working out more than usual. So what is the deal I asked myself???? I started looking closer at the point system on this site versus the point system I used with my slider and my book in the past that I got from a WW class. I am now checking the points first at home with my slider-looking at the information on food packages or my WW food point book and then entering them according to that. So when I post I had 2 servings of Silk light chocolate I am really only having one serving. I have to post two servings to get the points right or I will even inflate those points to get points posted for foods that are not listed on this site. I just play with it to make it all work, to be sure I have the correct amount of points, I do not care how I do it just so the correct points are there for the meal. Having said all this, I think this site rocks, I love this website and having to do that to get the right points posted is a small thing to have to do. I just wanted you to be aware of the point differences. This site tends to let one eat more for the points than WW allows and for me that is not a good thing. Knowing what I now know, I am hoping I will show a weight loss on Thursday because I will be eating less and according to WW information. If some of you are struggling and cannot understand why the weight is not coming off or is coming off slowly this could be the reason why. Hope this helps some of you.
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Posted: 16 Feb 2009, 18:16
I noticed a problem the other way round too. I'm not doing weight watchers but I buy alot of weight watcher foods. I was adding their Cheesy Flavour Puffs Snacks on here & came to notice that it was given 2 points when on the packaging it says 1 point.
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Posted: 16 Feb 2009, 18:48
ebivr, That happened to me too at times but it seems it was the other way for me MOST of the time and that was what was giving me problems. It is not a big deal for me to double check it and make the adjusts. You have lost 97 pounds, that is beyond impressive and I know how hard you have worked for that. It does not come off easy. Keep up the great work, you will get that 81 pounds off and it will stay off. Smile
The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel influences the way you act.

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Posted: 16 Feb 2009, 19:23
thanks so much for your input... I count points carefully as that is what has been helpful for me. I was curious about the accuracy of this site vs. my slider. Now, I will try to be more careful about watching... Thanks again!!!

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Posted: 26 Feb 2009, 15:36
Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and am also concerned that the ww points system differs from that on my ww calculator. I've been following ww since 6th jan and have so far lost 15lb with 5lb to go so was delighted to drop on this sight for inspiration and hopefully encouragement. I'm definately not going to take note of the points listed on the site but will keep the old faithful calculator to hand!

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Posted: 26 Feb 2009, 15:53
I did notice a difference in the points calculated here as well. So now I use this site as more of an approximation/guideline, so not only do I watch my points consumption, but also my calories/fat intake as well.

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Posted: 26 Feb 2009, 15:56
I write mine in a notebook as well as on the site, its off by a couple points I did notice, but I usually make it make sense by not using my activity points Wink

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Posted: 25 Jan 2010, 04:39
Does anyone know of a way to enter the points manually? or even edit the points?

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