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Posted: 20 Jan 2009, 21:09
Hey thanx Married Mom to 3 for the heads up to this site. I love it! Wink
ELY <3

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by annerolfe on 07 May 19 12:17 AM
Keto Lifestyle Buddy
Thank you
by Pippster Bridget on 11 Apr 19 05:36 PM
hi everyone looking for buddies
You're not hearing me, Immort. I do exercise, and I find a variety of ways to do so. And the reason I felt attacked is because I was. I made a statement and you immediately made a number of incorrect ...
by shirfleur 1 on 07 Apr 19 07:30 AM
Hello, my intro
Hi & welcome Jasmine, I not new to FS, but I am new this time around. It's been many years since I was here before. I don't follow the KETO diet so looking for people who like a more bal ...
by SeaShelly on 06 Apr 19 12:10 AM
One thing that helps me when I have the anxious nibbles is doing something that occupies my hands, like needlework or sewing or jigsaw puzzles. My latest thing is adult coloring books. I spread my colored ...
by shirfleur 1 on 03 Apr 19 05:48 AM