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Posted: 20 Oct 2008, 20:40
anyone have a hypothyroid issue? I think I may have this. I am going to the doctor soon, to get tested, but I am frustrated with all that is happening, and don't know how to handle it till then.The weight is going up and I can't seem to get it back off, just when I get to a comfortable weight again, the next day I find it's all back plus some. this is a new situation for me, and I'm wondering if anyone had this, for me to compare with. I have almost all the symptoms for it, but dont' get insurance till nov 1st. HELP!!Confused

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Posted: 30 Dec 2008, 12:12
I have been hypothyroid since 2000. And it does effect weight gain a lot. Once you get the right amount of Thyroid medicine it will stabilize and you can get the weight off. Excercise is key, howeever because your body will not loss on reduced calories alone.

Also, make sure they check you for Syndrom X or Insulin Resistance as the two often times go hand in hand.

Okay, I just looked a the date and this was a while back. How are you doing now?
I know I can.

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