Down 5 more pounds this week you have to try this!!!

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Posted: 15 Sep 2008, 14:02
I am sooo excited and wanted to tell someone about my weigh in! My family doesn't care because none of them are interested in getting healty, and most of my friends are skinny but I had to tell someone!! Down 5 pounds! I love this diet and the best part is I didn't even feel like I was ever hungry. Anyway if anyone is looking for a simple way to eat where you don't have to order or buy special food this is it! This is just what I needed to jump start my plateau 25 more to go. If anyone wants to read the diet I am doing it is called the 9th Law and you can download it at good luck AbbySmile

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Posted: 15 Sep 2008, 21:26
Congrats! I understand how you feel and I love to express it when I have acomplished some more weight loss. It is a struggle and it is exciting when you have lost. So good for you and keep up the great work!

Eat to live not live to eat.

What fits your busy schedule better, exercising 1 hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?

Smile at everyone you see. You never know what their day was like until you smiled.

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Posted: 16 Sep 2008, 07:02
hey congrats! I actually have just signed up for the 9th law diet too and am glad that it works! lols..keep up the good work!

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Posted: 23 Sep 2008, 08:28
I have had a lot of success with the 9th Law Diet. I would recommend it to anyone who wants an easy, simple weight loss plan.

Good luck to all.

P.S. Yey!! to Professor Jay. And truly, a BIG thanks for all your help.

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