Feel Great challenge-Week 3

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Posted: 05 Jun 2008, 23:11

So far, we have:

-Decided the type of diet we are going to follow and are following it;

-Set up an exercise plan that involves some form of exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY!

-Made our goals, visualized them and placed them somewhere where they can serve as daily reminders.

Now we are raring to go and we are at the start line...in squatting position. The gun goes off…and we’re off!!....AND……..we hit a false start! Something makes us stumble and we have to return to the starting block.

Unfortunately, this scene seems to keep getting repeated again and again and we feel like we are stuck in a Groundhog Day.

What is happening to cause this? The number one culprit is usually emotion. We experience a bad moment and that relates into comforting ourselves with foods we know are bad for us but will give us a temporary relief from our mood. We share in a celebration and feel obliged to join in the festivities, which mean partaking of the rich foods being served.

The only way to stop this is to become a conscious eater. We need to become aware of

WHAT we are eating (Are you eating only junk food? Are you eating unlimited amounts?)
WHY we are eating (Are you experiencing a negative emotion? Are you eating because you are in a fancy restaurant and don’t want to just be eating boring salad? Are you eating because you don’t want to appear to be on a diet in front of all your friends at a party?)
HOW we are eating (Just eating out of a family size bag of chips/crisps? Do you sit in front of a TV subconsciously eating whilst engaged in watching TV?)
WHEN we are eating (Do you eat when you are upset, bored or just because you saw some food lying around? Do you eat when your children don’t finish their meals because you hate wasting food?)

The number two problem for people ending up constantly restarting their diets?

Not organizing themselves better. Are you surrounding yourself with ample opportunity to cheat by having lots of junk food around? Do you find yourself constantly skipping exercise though you always intend to? You need to analyze WHY?

For example, one problem I faced was that I had decided to exercise 1 hour every day, but I kept struggling to find a 1 hour timeslot during the day and ended up missing exercise daily. With a 2 year old, I realized that getting in 15 minutes was still good and much better than doing NO EXERCISE the whole day. Some studies have shown that three 20 minute sessions a day are actually more effective in losing weight than a single 1 hour session.

Making a routine out of your new lifestyle is the most ideal way to live, but when you have hurdles preventing you, you have to learn to either remove them or learn how to get around them. If you don’t, you will end up forever stuck on the starting line.

ASSIGNMENT: So the homework for this week is to answer the questions:
1.WHAT, (When you deviate from your dieting, what do you eat?)
2.WHY (What makes you deviate)
3.HOW (When you eat, how much do you eat)
4.WHEN do you emotionally eat?

Remember this is not about your normal dieting habits, all these questions are about when you stray.

Once you figure out these questions, think about solutions to the problems.

If you can’t think of a solution, post the problem on the boards and see if any of the other team members can advise you, or if you wish to discuss this privately, talk to your buddy. Hopefully, by becoming more aware of your problems, you can learn how to deal with them better and reduce the obstacles preventing you from successful dieting.

BUDDY CHALLENGE: You must make a commitment to immediately giving up at least one thing that is currently an obstacle. Talk this over with your buddy and discuss why you have chosen what you have and how you feel about it. Remember, writing things down can actually help reaffirm your intentions, so pour your heart out!


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Posted: 05 Jun 2008, 23:52
Ohhhhh, this one is going to be hard!!!
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WHAT- If I deviate from my diet, it’s usually Taco Bells Bean Chalupa (A soft fried taco filled with beans and salad plus sour cream) or Bean Burrito.

Prior to my dieting, I was a sweet addict but oddly enough I seem to crave more salty things. Recently I bought both pizza and chalupas but the pizza just didn’t attract me. So maybe there is something in refried beans that I crave. Recently, I have been off the bandwagon and eating whatever I find in the house.

Solution: After having thought about it, I normally have Chalupa in my home when there is nothing cooked or the kid’s just want to eat out for a change. So I guess I should try to be more organized so that there is always something cooked. And when the children want to eat out, I should try and eat before the food arrive or promise to at least eat a salad before touching a chalupa (In the hope that I will be full after a salad and eat none or much less!)

WHY-There are two reasons for me to deviate from my diet. The first reason is when we eat out. I have to admit that when I go to a restaurant, eating only salad is not pleasurable. I also don’t normally eat meat/chicken in outside establishments so the menu gets limited even further. I tend to then just get fries or high carb dishes like pasta.

The second reason is because my grocery supplies are not regularly stocked. Having one car which my hubby almost exclusively has in use means I can’t restock foods regularly. And dieting staples are usually perishable goods so I can’t stock up on such items.

Solution: If I am honest with myself, the most practical solution to the eating out problem is to get past my issue with not enjoying eating salad while everyone is tucking into hearty dishes.

The second problem with the one car is something I have limited control over and is very frustrating to me. The solution is to get a second car which I am hoping will happen in the next month or so (perhaps even by the end of this month!!)

HOW MUCH-Whenever I indulge I eat till I bulge! I tend to eat cheat with food that I enjoy and when I do I eat till I am stuffed. Even if it is something healthy like nuts or cherries, it is really hard to take just a few. Luckily, I don’t crave chips/crisp otherwise I could probably down at least half a family size bag in one sitting! My cheating is usually done on the go, meaning as I come in and out of the kitchen, I will pick up things I see around me. Also, I like to have a nice cup of tea while watching TV and I do like something sweet with it. Since I don’t eat cookies any more, I tend to pick up a protein bar or something.

Solution: Well for nuts and such items, I could place whatever I want to eat in a small plastic cup and that way I control the portion. Eating out of a bag doesn’t give a person a realistic idea of how much they are consuming.

Again, if it is a meal, then I can control how much I am eating by eating something healthy like a salad or soup first.

I don’t know what I can replace cookies with for my tea that is diet friendly. Any suggestions?

WHEN-Well I am not really an emotional person so I normally don’t eat when I am upset. Looking back at my recent cheats, I know that I eat when I am outside of my controlled home environment or when I am think that I will be away from home for a long period of time(e.g doctors appointment) and may get jittery. As I have fainted in the past from not eating regularly, I will maybe take a non Atkin friendly snack bar or something else to sustain me.

Solution: I did buy some low carb snack bars but they have sugar alcohol which I have heard is not good. I could eat before going to the doctor’s office but if I am running behind schedule then what? I would like some advice on this problem please!

ORGANIZING-I have a two year old and so it is very hard to exercise at a regular time. I normally wait for his nap before attempting even half an hour. That can mean not getting in as much exercise or as regular as I would like. On the dieting front, I am a little helpless about organizing because again it is dependent on me having a car.(I don’t like to ask anyone to help out because I am new to the town and not close enough to hitch a lift)

Solution: My solution is to go to a gym where I know I will be able to exercise in peace. With the kids on summer break, they can babysit him while I get out. If I try to exercise at home, they refuse to watch him while I am around.

Organizing my groceries would be the best solution but that can only happen when I get my own car.

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Posted: 09 Jun 2008, 13:54
Question...I did the visual board on power point and saved it to my documents but have spent an hour trying to post it here....ARGGGG..... HELP!!! How do I do it??

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sharon, first, you'd need to convert your powerpoint file to jpeg. So, in powerpoint, save it as a "jpeg interchange format" under the tab "save as". Next, you'd need to go to photobucket.com, register there, upload your jpeg file. Once uploaded, you'll see number of different names/extensions for that picture--pick the one that says "code", and copy that code, and paste it here. Hope that helped. Send me a mail directly, so send me your powerpoint file and I'll do it for ya.

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WHAT, (When you deviate from your dieting, what do you eat?)

If I'm just having a slightly bad day, it'll be Domino's pizza and wine, or else if it's a total meltdown, it'll be anything and everything I can lay my hands on!

Solution: I have scheduled monthly pizza nights to keep the pizza cravings under control. Having only healthy food in the house limits the damage in the event of a total meltdown.

WHY (What makes you deviate)

Having a stressful day at work, hubby being away and feeling bored, running out of healthy food...

Solution: I plan my menus a week at a time a week in advance and order all my groceries for delivery at the start of the week, so I always have something planned and all the ingredients to make it.

HOW (When you eat, how much do you eat)

Until bursting point or all the the cupboards are bare!

Solution: Order small pizza and as above, keep only healthy food in the house - there are only so rice cakes you can eat in one go!!

AND WHEN do you emotionally eat?

Always in the evenings. I'm rarely "bad" during the day - if it's going to go wrong, it'll be after 6pm.

Solution: Eat sustaining, healthy snacks during the afternoon to ensure I'm not starving by the early evening.
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Well here it is.... my...

WHAT, (When you deviate from your dieting, what do you eat?) Hmmm (or what DON'T i eat when i deviate)
I guess when i deviate i eat foods that i think "normal" people can eat without any problems:
Potato Chips/Candy/Croissants/Jelly Doughnuts/Full fat sauces on Pasta and "regular portions"/ pan fried foods/wine/appetizers/cheese etc./ desserts/

WHY (What makes you deviate): I don't want to feel restricted/ i want to feel "normal"/ I want to reward myself/ I want to comfort/console myself/ I want to relax and indulge.

HOW (When you eat, how much do you eat) During the week i am pretty controlled but by friday night i am ready to let loose. During the week my weakest moments are at that "snack time/happy hour" time somewhere between 3-6. Either sweet snacks with my kids or a pre dinner salty snack. It's not that i binge ever, but what i eat is usually not very filling and is calorie packed and i usually eat out of the container making it harder to portion control. And every night around 9:00pm i have a skinny cow.
On weekends i have breakfast in bed (7:30 am) alone usually with the paper or a movie (hubby golfs early in the am and kids sleep in so i am alone) Usually i "splurge" with a croissant or something sweet but i try to keep it within my points. On the weekends i don't work out and i eat more "loosely" so i know that that isn't helping me. I always want a "dessert" at the end of a meal.

AND WHEN do you emotionally eat? I think that the emotions that "trigger" me are sadness, anger, frustration which are a result of me being upset with myself. I also eat to reward myself, like a pat on the back for being "good".

SO, how do i "fix" my eating problems.

1) I think that i should realize that even though i can never eat the way i'd like to, i can eat anything i want as long as i am careful with portions and am accountable for points. In this way i could be "normal" and not self-conscious in front of others. The real trick for me is to plan ahead so that i don't go on a tear and then can't backtrack.
2) I can indulge and treat myself but again,i need to plan menus so that i can select from set things i like and correct portions so as not to deviate.
3) i should keep prepared snacks to choose from so i can reach for those

Hmmmmm giving up something???? I have to think about what i'd give up, it seems i'm always giving things up! i'm willing to take suggestions!
It's late so i'm signing off.
This was a great assignment!
Thanks CL!!! You are a great motivator!


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Thanks Princess for that vote of confidence. I was beginning to worry that this challenge was either too hard or too boring for anyone to respond to!

Dont forget to answer how you disorganize your life..(apart from forgetting to read ALL the questions! LOL)

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caged liberty wrote:
Thanks Princess for that vote of confidence. I was beginning to worry that this challenge was either too hard and too boring for anyone to respond to!

Giving this exercise the attention it deserved required a quiet house so that ment a late night when all were a sleep- with many spelling errors.....

1. WHAT, (When you deviate from your dieting, what do you eat?)
I will eat chips, ice cream or chocolate.

2. WHY (What makes you deviate)

When I am feeling overwhelmed with a task, when I have self-defeating thoughts, when I am angry and don't find a healthy outlet for my anger...

Solution: When I am exeperiancing an emotion that I am trying to ignore or not sure how to get back to calm; I needed to focus on that emotion...Be in that emotion. I will call a friend, write in a journal, remind myself it is OK to feel emotions...

3. HOW (When you eat, how much do you eat)

I will eat past a healthy portion. I can hear my mind saying stop there is a better way to deal with the emotion, but I continue eating and shutting out the voice.

Solution: I will decide there is no choice to be made when it comes to dealing with my emotions. I can not solve or understand my situation/emotion better by eating. I need to BE with myself, trusting the natural flow of emotions they are apart of being human. My reaction to my emotions however is a learned behavoir and can be changed.

4. AND WHEN do you emotionally eat?

After having an argument, I will eat to forget what just happened. When I am up against a deadline and feeling the end to be to far away, I will eat to calm myself. When I am sad.

Solution: Take care of my mind, body and spirit daily. To me this means eating healthy foods, exercise, meditate, ask for support/give support, self-care, and living in today. Remember to H A L T when I am Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. If I am feeling any of those I need to proceed with caution and awareness.


So I looked up the meaning of "Disorganizing" - to throw into confusion, to upset the orderly system or arrangement of.

With that in mind, my orderly system of my healthy lifestyle change is upset or intransition when I travel and/or the children are out of school. I tend to eat a bit more mindlessly and exercise is at a minimum-pilates and walks, cardio usually doesn't come into the picture.

Solution: I can understand if I am undergoing a lifestyle change and not just a diet that lasts until I reach my goal weight...I will have times when Walking and pilates will be it for the exercise. Coming to this understanding is why I feel successful this time with my weight loss. Last month I was traveling or out of my usual routine 2 weeks, In the past when I would return home after vacation I would have given up with my "diet" and not looked back. Today, I am ready to be realistic and get back to making appointments with myself to consciously eat and exercise my body daily.

My weight loss journey has been equal to if not more about giving myself love and respect; than about food and exercise. I am creaing new habits with: food, exercise and emotional responses....it has been truly an up-lifting experience.

Thank you caged liberty for organizing this challenge!

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Posted: 10 Jun 2008, 00:57
Thanks Today for really thinking this over. It proves that you really do want to become more aware of yourself and your behaviors. (I was hoping that the delay in posting was because everyone was in deep contemplation-I guess they are!)

By the way, I love the HALT acronym..I have a book that I note down all the inspirational points I find invaluable and that will be going in there. Thank you for sharing that. (I am sure there will be a lot of others who will be noting that down too!)

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Posted: 10 Jun 2008, 06:24
It is a tough challenge, but it's mostly that it will take some time to do. So, here goes:

1.WHAT, Well, I'm a major sweet addict, so it's generally chocolate of some sort or like cookies or twinkies. The other major deviations are KFC and Chinese (but only the one restaurant 45 min. away so that's not often!)

2.WHY Generally stress for the sweet stuff. If I'm feeling out of control in any way I reach for the bag of cookies. I don't know if the underlying thought is "I'm choosing to eat this and so am at least in control of the cookies" or "I'm out of control anyway so I can at least enjoy the sugar high and yumminess".

3.HOW To the max, simple as that. When I'm about to burst I'll only have a few more. No stopping till they're gone.

4.WHEN do you emotionally eat? When I'm emotional Very Happy.
Stress at work, worry over family or health, fighting with Steve, or just feeling out of sorts and not where I want to be. I've always had problems with depression.

5.HOW ARE YOU DISORGANIZING YOUR DIET AND EXERCISE ROUTINE? I'm a highly emotional person, but I need to be in control and organized in all the areas of my life except food. It's almost like it's the one area that I let my hair down, and it's the one that I shouldn't!!!

Solutions: Deal with my depression and anxiety. The last 2 years have been extremely overwhelming, and I can honestly say that I don't think I've dealt with most of it yet. I need to look for coping methods.

Try to find another area of my life to be free and uncontrolled so I don't need to rely on food to do it. (already gave up narcotics, smoking, and alcohol (other than about twice a year) so what else is there???)

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Posted: 10 Jun 2008, 12:26
stmueller, Well done on giving up on the biggest vices hindering your health. You are obviously quite focused on your issues.

You dont have to give up much, it could be as simple as eating out one time less per week than you normally do.

You could give up buying cookies for the house. That way you avoid wanting to eat them.(I just wish someone could suggest a healthy alternative!)

You could give up aspartame based products.

You could give up worrying about small things that cause you to start eating in the first place.

These are just some ideas to get you started...I am sure you will find something AND if you cant think of anything, then give up worrying over what to give up!Wink

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Posted: 10 Jun 2008, 15:45
HOW I DISORGANIZE MY diet - by Princessdropthelbs

I disorganize my diet by putting other people's needs and desires before my own "sacrificing" exercise time on the weekends or eating whatever is available to "make it easier" on other people -- in reality these are just excuses because if i was to voice my needs everyone would be fine with it.
I disorganize my diet by letting TOM derail me.
I disorganize my diet when i don't exercise because then i feel like it's a day off -- when instead on those days i should be extra vigilant about what i eat.
Solution: Be accountable for my decisions and make the effort to make the right choices.

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Posted: 10 Jun 2008, 17:01
THe third challenge is focus on our failings:1)what do you eat. Mine is cereal before I go to bed. I don't have any calories left but I am hungry and just the thought of going to bed hungry bothers me. Why do I deviate from my diet at this point? Because at night I refuse to count calories any more, so if I am hungry, I eat cereal which I feel is a good food. My cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats actually is like eating cookies and milk, it is so sweet. Not high in fat though so that is how I justify it. 3)At least I always measure just a half a cup of cereal and a half a cup of soy milk and a half a banana, but even those calories add up each night. 4)When? always at night after I gethungry again. My exercise will be to not eat cereal at night the rest of the week!

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Posted: 10 Jun 2008, 19:18
Week three challenge

WHAT am I eating?
Nibble at pretzels and sunflower seeds, fruit and Weight Watcher snacks mostly but it still adds up to too many points - also chocolate during "that time"Rolling Eyes

Solution - prebag portions, put rest away out of sight, go for a walk or exercise instead of nibbling - ok, I'll just have a little choc during that time!!!!Laughing Laughing

Tired - to stay awake
Stressed, need chocolate

Solution - take a walk or a nap if needed, have a small glass of choc milk

- it's handy, by the handful

Solution - only eat at the table with a plate, measure stuff out

In an evening or on a day off, with friends and family

Solution - do some scrapbooking, read a great book, make healthier choices out

WHERE? (ok, its not on the list but it is my main downfall!)
In the car

Solution - take popcorn or grapes

Disorganization - family occasions sometimes set me up for failure, we are big on traditions and family favorites. Even though we do occasionally have a raclette or fruit and veggie trays instead, it isn't often enough, even though we all want and need the change.

Buddy - I want to make a real effort for family occasions
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Posted: 10 Jun 2008, 19:22
Onto the third challenge. I have been thinking about this for days and finally have the time to type. These are such great questions!!!!

What do you eat when you deviate?? Easy for some but for me the honest answer is everything- It could be oreos, fries, chips, pasta, too many chicken thighs, chocolate anything...it doesn't get triggered by the serving of a certain food. I am not a snacker- it occurs at mealtime.

Why?? Well, this is tough to answer. I deviate because I shut my brain off sometimes and just get into the flavors and want more, or sometimes it's a celebration and I want to feel more or sometimes when my husband cooks for me I feel so loved and I eat more because I want that loving feeling- sometimes when my Mom prepares a meal same thing, and sometimes when I want to treat myself I don't get a pedicure I go to the grocery and buy a too big steak and eat it all.

When?? When I want to celebrate, when I'm stressed, when I want to feel special

How much?? Double portions, thirds, cleaning off kids plates..feeling beyond full and eating the last bite.

How do I disorganize?? I shut off my brain and eat without thinking, I grab bits of things I shouldn't have and pretend it doesn't matter it's just a bite...I spend time justifying indulgent unhealthy behavior and telling myself that it's not so bad.

Solution- the real deal down and dirty lifelong solution is going to come for me when I discover how to erase from my brain that food does not equal love, food does not equal fun, food does not make you feel better, food does not solve problems, food does not fix, calm, or do anything...food is calories, food can be healthy or unhealthy and ultimately good food is energy but it won't kiss me good night.

At the moment I am very focused on losing my most recent gain- I am eating til I feel satisfied I am taking smaller portions and I am hyper aware of my sticky fingers near the kids food. I am doing fine for today but it doesn't feel like something I can sustain. I am hoping that by losing my weight slowly and being here I will retrain my brain over time- these are 43 year old ideas about what food is...not so easy to fix.

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Posted: 12 Jun 2008, 07:06
1.WHAT, (When you deviate from your dieting, what do you eat?)

I don't have any one certain food that I run to when I go off my diet. I know more about what I don't eat than what I do. I'm not a big fast food eater. It would be safe to say I eat fast food only a few times a year.

Most of my eating is done at home. I like to cook and keep a pretty stocked pantry so I can whip something up at a moment's notice. But eating too much salad can still sabotage a diet so it isn't the actual food that seems to matter for me. That's quite a self-revelation. I never really examined that concept before.

Solution: I've been working at not restocking ingredients that have no purpose other than for making something not diet friendly. I've found some really great healthy recipes so I can indulge my love of cooking and not be hurting my efforts. I try to give favorite foods and recipes healthy makeovers so I can continue to enjoy them.

2.WHY (What makes you deviate)

A change in routine definitely throws me off track. Having my friend come visit this past week put me way off track. I planned to allow myself extra indulgences but I was surprised at how easy it was to slip back into old patterns.

Solution: Planning ahead is important but I also need to keep my mind in the game. I found I was easily distracted from my healthy journey while my friend was here. So planning alone is not enough. Maybe keeping reminders around (pictures, etc.) might help to jolt me back into reality and refocus my energy. Or ask hubby and friends to "police" me - make sure I see what I am doing when I go off track.

3.HOW (When you eat, how much do you eat)

When I indulge it is often coupled with a lack of control and I end up eating to the point of being uncomfortable. There have been times when I've eaten more even when I'm already uncomfortably full. My body is trying to tell me to stop and I ignore it.

Solution: I think this one will be tougher to solve because once I've delved into food, it is hard to stop. I have been learning about listening to my hunger cues. I know I need to keep that practice and make it a habit rather than something I do some of the time. Portioning helps in times where the eating isn't completely out of control. I need to at least try to pay attention to portion sizes in hopes that some sensible part of my brain will listen!

4.WHEN do you emotionally eat?

I don't THINK I am an emotional eater so much as a situational eater. I don't have to be upset or stressed to overeat. But certain situations definitely put me at risk. Like when my friend was here. Or being at a party. It's like seeing everyone else eating gives me permission to indulge, too.

Solution: I need to recognize my trigger situations before they happen so I can plan ahead. I can make sure to eat before I go to a party so I'm not letting hunger drag me into eating oblivion. I need to ask for help when I know my own resolve won't be strong enough to get me through.


I let changes in my daily schedule be excuses to eat the wrong food or to give up exercise.

Solution: I need to change the priority levels in my mind of what I allow myself to do. I can't let it be "ok" to stray from my plan without serious forethought and planning. And I need to set limitations when I allow myself to indulge. I need to find ways to make it easier to succeed.



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Posted: 12 Jun 2008, 18:23
Week 3 Challenge

WHAT: Take out. It is still one of the things I just can't get enough of. eg. KFC, McDonalds, Chinese, Japanese, Tim Hortons. I must admit I will eat the healthier snack food at home but I won't watch my portions

SOLUTION: Go for a walk or eat fruits or veggies. Portion out all snack foods.

WHY: Family events or my wife and I are not getting along. Or I know lately it has been because of the rain, it makes me depressed.

SOLUTION: Well most of my family is on fatsecret now, so we should be supporting each other instead of hindering. Use an exercise tape indoors if the weather is not permitting or join a gym with a friend.

HOW: I know that with take-out I will eat until I am stuffed plus I don't like leaving anything on my plate and my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Also need to fill the salt craving

SOLUTION: I need to just eat until I feel satiated. Learn to see proper portions as I get them.

WHEN: I like to snack when I am bored but also when there is some food just lying there

SOLUTION: I need to do some sort of physical activity to replace that craving like push ups or crunches or go for a bike ride.

DISORGANIZING DIET AND EXERCISE: I don't write down my points as I go so I am scrambling by supper to see if I have enough points. and I also do schedule in exercise time so I forget to do it all together.

SOLUTION: I must write down everthing that I eat to maintain order in my food journal and I must set a side a specific time to do some exercise like after work.

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Posted: 12 Jun 2008, 20:03
WHAT, (When you deviate from your dieting, what do you eat?)
I guess if I had to call anything “deviant”, it would have to be things like chips (fries) and pizza… but my solution is to buy lover fat/calorie versions. I guess other things could be things like chocolate – but generally I would only have a fun size bag of maltesers. It’s now very rare that I eat chocolate – so I do see this as a once in a while treat.

WHY (What makes you deviate)
Time of the month I’ve noticed sometimes that I seem to get munchie cravings… but I’ve found that eating more healthily most of the time this seems to have diminished. Avoiding things like cakes and biscuits or anything sweet, I’ve found is my solution to avoiding cravings for “bad” foods like that.

Eating out can be difficult… but if I can plan in advance I will eat low points before eating out, so that I can still go out and enjoy myself.

HOW (When you eat, how much do you eat)
In the past, if I craved something… I’d just munch away not really thinking about the consequences, but then feel so guilty afterwards. So my solution has been to focus on past feelings and consider – do I really want this? If I do then I will now only eat in moderation.

AND WHEN do you emotionally eat?
I do believe that there were triggers in the past that used to make me “emotionally eat”. Things like stress, “time of the month”, when my hubby worked away a lot were times when I used to reach for food, probably through boredom! But developing an awareness of these triggers has enabled me to avoid emotional eating.

How are you Disorganising your Diet and Exercise Routine?
Sometimes I can’t be bothered to cook something I had previously planned… so that can be a bit of a problem. But I’m pretty good at planning my food using the diet calendar here at FS… so even if at the last minute I change what I’m going to eat, I still stick within points/calories that I intended.

I usually plan to do one of my DVD workouts when I come home from work… but can be lazy there sometimes. I use the Zelky Workout Tracker at Facebook to track my workouts and set myself goals of doing various exercise routines throughout the week. So maybe I should actually write myself a workout plan and stick with this and likewise with my food planning!
Sue εїз

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. ~ Lao-Tzu

Your visions will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams... who looks inside, awakens. ~ Carl Gustav Jung

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Posted: 12 Jun 2008, 22:53
Great job everyone. Reading everyones posts gave me such insight into how we all seem to have similar problem but are also equally motivated to get rid of them! Thanks again to everyone who took the time to really ponder this over and gave so much precious time to this challenge.

I almost panicked when there was no response for the first day or so, but now I realize that it was only because you wonderful people were taking this challenge serious. The challenges are only as insightful as the people participating in them.

The next challenge is ready and posted;

Feel great challenge-Week 4

I want to say that the week 4 challenge is really long to read and even longer to do..BUT..this challenge was the key to changing my life 10 years ago and I hope you will get some motivation from it too. Good luck, and this time I dont expect a response until nearer to the end of next week!

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