Eat To Live, Dr. Joel Furhman

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Posted: 05 Jun 2008, 12:22
Anyone doing the above diet? I was looking for support, however, I was surprised I couldn't even find this diet in the diet list.

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Posted: 06 Jun 2008, 12:02
Hey husband actually has done this diet in the past. I've only done part of it with him. Its a very strict, and bland that I couldn't follow too well.

He actually made the decision to do WW's with me, because it was just more realistic for our lifestyle...but...when he did do Dr. Furhman's diet...he did see great results...and it helped his stomach issues as well.

I'll see if I can get him to post something =) (Gbags is his name in here). =)
Cheeks =)

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Posted: 06 Jun 2008, 12:18
Yup i did a modified Eat to live b/c i never did read that book of his. I read a book he wrote on fasting...then adapted my meals based on that. I ate 1 lb cooked green veggies, 1 lb of raw green veggies, a lot of broccoli, 2 c. brown rice, 2 c. steel cut oatmeal, 1 white potato no dairy, no eggs, no meat PER day. Plus 2 oranges, grapes, and sunflower seeds. THe diet was great - i had been going through some problems with my stomache and the diet really fixed them. It was extrememly hard to follow the first week or so, but got easier aas the weeks went by - i cut out all salt, sugar, spices etc...used lemon as flavoring for the veggies

It was really hard preparing all of that food ...which is why i eventually broke it...too much time spent cooking, washing veggies etc..

It was however, worth it! I felt great in a few weeks...saw really good was next to impossible to go out with friend to eat and/or drink (no drinking). Good Luck!

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