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Posted: 12 May 2008, 08:41
I agree this is a great website. I love the recipes and ideas. She give points for everything and has a new book out. I love the Broccoli coleslaw with Paul Newmans Sesame dressing (1pt).

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116-109 all week :( I have a lot of yard work to do but on record this has been the hottest year record ever for Az. Being on a low carb, low fat, low sugar, low calorie diet for me has been hard to get ...
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Starting Again
Hi. I've used IF and 5:2 several times over the last 6 years and had a fair amount of sucess but I have found that IF of any kind (including a 16:8 fast/eating period which is what it sounds like ...
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a little hesitant
Dancing alone in your room with headphones on could be fun.
by davehoward63 on 09 Aug 20 10:56 AM
getting started
will this post really post? last one did not.
by williamburke on 07 Aug 20 05:05 PM

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