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Posted: 22 Apr 2008, 07:56
For those who are on a longer journey than most (> 50 lbs. to loose), I invite all to rally together and buddy-up. I feel the need for extra support given the amount of weight loss goals we have established for ourselves. We know we are in for the long haul. Please identify and will invite to join as a Buddie.


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Posted: 22 Apr 2008, 11:18
NJOYLF wrote:
For those who are on a longer journey than most (> 50 lbs. to loose), I invite all to rally together and buddy-up. I feel the need for extra support given the amount of weight loss goals we have established for ourselves. We know we are in for the long haul. Please identify and will invite to join as a Buddie.
Hello my name is Michele and I also need to lose 50 lbs and I think this is a wonderful idea to buddy-up. I am a new member just joined today and I really like the helpful information and recipes feel free to contact me.

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Posted: 22 Apr 2008, 12:30
I also have a lot to lose. 60lbs is my *current* goal... This is a GREAT idea!! How are y'all trying to lose the weight?Very Happy
Paige E

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Posted: 22 Apr 2008, 23:04
I'm willing to be in! I have about 80lbs to lose. I'd love to chat with others who have a long haul. I think we could share valuable support and info. I'm doing Atkins and loving it...

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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 01:07
Smile Im happy to see that Im not the only one who needs to lose a lot. sometimes it gets very depressing for me and its nice to have people to talk to about it . good luck to everyone!!!! I have about 70 pounds to lose.

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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 01:16
Such a good idea! I have 39lbs left to lose until my original goal. But I would really like to get down to 160, now that I know my goal is obtainable. So that puts me at a much needed 64 lb loss!

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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 05:03
I have lost 103.5 lbs so far and want to loose another 50-60. I think it is a great idea to buddy up. Sometimes I think this journey would be so much easier if you had someone making it with you or along side you. Sign me up please.

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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 05:44
First of all WAY TO GO!!!!! to everyone thats lost weight, its a long journey for most of us..but one that well worth a life change..i to still have a long journey to get to my final goal..one day at a time, determination and consistancy gets you to that goal...
just remember that nobody, I mean NOBODY, is looking out for your health, except for YOU !!!!!!


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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 06:03
Hi Paige! I want in on the 50+ Club too. AS you already know I need to lose about 150 pounds and am just starting on Induction. I know that I did it before so I can do it again. One of the best supports I had back then was Whooshfriends but the site has closed. So I needed to find another support site, as I don't have the support I need at home. Everyone here eats carbs and as they are all in their 20s and teens- there is no changing the menus here! The more support the better I stay on track!
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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 07:22
Started at 229 and want to drop 60 to get into the 160s. Have currently lost 34 lbs...since 11/1. I have not ever been any good at following a "diet" so this time I am just trying to eat sensibly. This way I won't ever need to go off the diet and back to normal eating. Hopefully healthy will become my new "normal." Every meal I repeat this mantra... choices, choices, it's all about choices. We love to go out to eat and that must be part of any eating plan that will have long term success for me. Walking between 2 1/2 and 4 miles a day at about 3.5 mph is helping too. Nice to have some buddies. Hope I can join in even though I am not on Atkins.

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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 07:32
Count me in. I want to loss 50+, more like 100+ And I really want to make it happen this time. Of course, now I have the added obstacle of being older and insulin making me weight loss resistent, and arthritis that threatens to take away any mobility I currently have. So, yes I could use the support of like-minded and like-challenged friends. I have also found since finding FS it is easier for me to stay on track when I am able to offer encouragement and movitavation to others.

I started Atkins in Jan,08 and joined FS in Feb?March? and have, so far loss 26 lbs, decreased my A1c to 5.9, increased my daily activity (and improved my mobility) to 1 & 1/2 hrs 4x a week AND HAVE FELT WONDERFUL THE WHOLE TIME. I have a postive feeling about "it" this time. I have to also say that those "down" days that we all have, have not been the diet enders I have experienced in the past due to support and encouragement I see here at FS.

I like Irishbren's line, the "50+ Club" and Loosinisfun's "one day at a time"

I know this weight didn't show up overnight and I know it won't go away overnight---I committed to the long haul! (I hope,Very Happy ) Debbie


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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 15:10
We should create a challenge that we can all participate in??? Who wants to be the organizer?

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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 16:43
I want to be a part of this too!!! I also have over 50 pounds left to loose. I started out at 264.8 and I would like to get down to 164. I've already lost 35 but I still have 65 left to go. I could really use a support group like this! This is a great idea! Very Happy

So long 260's!
So long 250's!
So long 240's!
So long 230's!
So long 220's!
I will never see those numbers again!

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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 18:28
I have 50 lbs to lose also and I would love any support I could get especially motivation ideas


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Posted: 23 Apr 2008, 19:26
Hey guys! This time last year I lost about 45lbs, but through stress and other life events I've gained about 30 of that back....so yeah, I still have a long way to go! My ultimate goal would be to lose around 80, but my more realistic goal is another 50 over the next year. I have a really hard time staying strong and not getting discouraged especially considering how quickly I gained the weight back, so anything like this I think will help out a bunch.

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Posted: 24 Apr 2008, 05:58
Hello All,

There seems to be good interest in forming a '50+ Club' to help support and motivate those who have a longer term challenge in losing > 50 lbs. Most of you realize that smaller goals are more attainable and thus we need to approach our journey together with some goal setting. You know how it goes.... 'If a man/women knows not what harbor he/she seeks,any wind is the right wind.'-Seneca

Many of you are on a variety of diets, with many differing circumstances. Each you share the common desire to become healthier, lose weight and exercise regularly. There is an abundance of research indicating that healthy eating along with regular exercise is the key.

I think whatever goals we set should focus both on these two aspects ( healthy eating and exercise) and need to be 'SMART' goals - S- specific; M- measurable, A- action oriented; R- realistic; and T - timely. We should also add in positive affirmations to help each of us stay encouraged. Positive affirmations have been considered the panacea within the self improvement industry for a long time. Most of the self improvement guru's teach it.

Any ideas on the approach or anyone wanting to organize a game plan?

Thanks to all who provided the initial thinking on the name of our group.


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Posted: 25 Apr 2008, 00:53
Hi everyone, I would love to join as well. I have 50 pounds to lose as well. I started Weight Watchers 14 weeks ago and have since lost 22 pounds, but I've got another 50 to go to be at my goal weight. It sure is nice to know that I'm not the only one in this boat !!! Laughing
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Posted: 25 Apr 2008, 01:47
This is such a great idea. We should do it lol
I have 52 pounds to go, and i have already lost 60, so like a lot of you, i have come a long way, but need the encouragement to keep on going strong.

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Posted: 25 Apr 2008, 07:50
I am thinking out loud, trying to generate some ideas for a long term 50+ club, achievable goals, etc

Arrow weight loss goal for the month/week? 5/2 lbs?
Arrow exercise at least 3x a week?
Arrow days without "cheating"/going off the diet?
Arrow postive affirmations
Arrow inches lost?
Arrow how to get thru a plateau or stall?
Arrow success/achievements kudos

any other ideas? I was trying to think of goals and trials of a long term "diet" or lifestyle change.

Set up a challenge? or something like the kids "stars charts"?

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Posted: 25 Apr 2008, 14:41
Can I join? My goal is to get to 160...

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