How much fat a day?

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Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 00:29
How much fat can you eat a day on Atkins, is there a limit on it? What about the calories? I need help with this.


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Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 00:46
If you're starting with induction, there's no real limit to the fat(*) - the only things you should be tracking is carbs/net carbs and fiber.

Carbs low, fiber high.

* Eating sticks of butter is a bad idea no matter what. Wink

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Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 00:48
I might as well add that my fat intake has been off the charts this week. Chorizo, butter-fried eggs, greek yogurt, feta cheese, greasy hamburger patties with bacon...

Feeling great.

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Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 01:37
In the early stages, more is better...fat that is. As you progress to later phases, the fat intake becomes more of a factor. But that comes later. Cool

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Posted: 14 Apr 2008, 16:34
Just eat until you are satisfied and only eat when you are hungry, but don't go more than 6 hours without eating. Like others have said, we don't count fat on Atkins and tracking calories only helps if you cannot lose by cutting out carbs. Refer back to the book when in doubt. Smile Good luck!

Love the food that loves you back.

Take it one day at a time!

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