losing the last 10 pounds, ARGHGHGHGHGH!!

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Posted: 26 Mar 2008, 12:25
I am finally down to the last 10 pounds and now all the support I was getting from family and friends is GONE! I can't even talk about it, because they look at me like I've gone crazy or something and then tell me that I already look great and that it would be dangerous for me to lose any more weight. (For reference, I am only 3 pounds below the overweight BMI level & still a size 10). And what I keep hearing (and am SOOOOO sick of) is "You look great for having had 5 kids". ARGHGHGH!! I just want to hear the "you look great" part. All this on top of the well-known fact of how hard it is to get the last few pounds off your body! Anyone else out there struggling to get some sympathy and support to lose these last few pounds? help!

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Posted: 26 Mar 2008, 14:04
I'm with you! My father recently said, "You don't need to lose any more weight." Yes. I. Do. The longer it stays there the harder it is going to be to get it off. Good for you by not letting family and friends make excuses when you know where you should be. The fight isn't over until the war is won!

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Posted: 26 Mar 2008, 15:09
I hear ya! i hate hearing you look good for having kids! And my parents/family were telling me I didn't need to lose weight 25 pounds ago so I have not had support from them EVER. My mom is scared to death I am going to get "too thin". Get a grip mom, I'm not starving myself. Is it a crime to want to look good in a swimsuit!? That last 10 is the hardest, in more ways than one! I come here for my support. I would never have made it this far without it. I don't get it from anywhere else. My inlaws and all of my husband's family is always trying to get me to cheat on my diet. They are all overweight by the way..hmm wonder why? Hubby says I look good, but he doesn't want to hear my diet talk. Better for me to find support here and let him enjoy the results.
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Posted: 26 Mar 2008, 16:16
I know what you mean. I had to start lying to my mom that I'm not trying to lose any more I'm just trying to "maintain". Seriously. She freaks out because I did used to be anorexic, but that was 10 years ago, when I was 128 lbs on my 5'7" frame and thought I still needed to lose 20 lbs to be a ballerina. I am way past that. Seriously!

I also hear it from the people I work with. They are always eating junk food, yes most of them are overweight and suffer from either diabetes or high cholesterol and blood pressure. One of my co-workers is also my provider (I work in an OB/Gyn) and every year at my exam she tells me my weight is fine. She rolls her eyes when she sees me reading another health and diet book. That was even when I was 18 lbs above my healthy BMI range. I don't know what my ideal weight is exactly but I know I am close and I know I am not there yet. I also don't think it is a crime to want to look good in a bathing suit, though I know I will never look like a super model.

My husband is still supportive, but quietly and patiently so. He tolerates all my diet talk and loves to eat what I cook no matter what and tries to follow a low-carb diet even when he eats out, most of the time. He does often tell me I look great, but he did that before I started losing weight so I don't think it really counts as weight-loss support. On the other hand I am really glad he doesn't tell me I need to lose weight.

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Posted: 01 Apr 2008, 09:12
It's sooooo good to know we are all struggling in this together. And trust me, when I hit my goal weight I am DONE dieting. I am very much looking forward to being able to enjoy a maintenance lifestyle, rather than this dieting lifestyle! Good luck to all of us!

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