If obesity is at an all time high in America why is it that I cannot find a dress?

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Posted: 03 Mar 2008, 14:34
I know this seems like a silly post but honestly, I cannot find an outfit that A. fits right and B. will not break the bank! I have to go to a wedding and I hate shopping. I am fat. I am not ashamed of that I use to celebrate it! (Then again, I was a size 14 and it was more curves then flab, lol.) Nevertheless, when I go to certain stores I feel as if I am an elephant trying on tube tops!

I have found plenty of stores and websites that cater to undies and things... Always for Me, Henry and June (a personal fave) and Just My Size. Granted JMS has clothes but honestly... who can really build a decent collection from them who is not over the age of dead.

There is, of course, Layne Braynt, but they can get expensive and I refuse to believe that they are the only store out there that caters to real woman (aka plus size woman).

I do shop at Old Navy often because they are reasonable but most of their selection is on line and you are chancing the fit. Gap has an okay good selection, but since they are the expensive, "older sister" version of Old Navy, again it is not good on the old purse strings and not a huge selection.

So, I ask: If obesity is at an all time high in America why is it that I cannot find a dress?

It could be that I just really hate shopping so any ideas on where I should shop would be swell!


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Posted: 03 Mar 2008, 14:37
I agree with what you're saying. I had a hard time finding dresses and shirts that were cut for larger breast too. I thought, "What the heck, with all the fake boobs out there, why is it that I can't find anything to fit my "real" upper half."
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Posted: 07 Mar 2008, 21:25
Not sure where youre from but here there is Fashion bug plus and D.E.B. plus. I find these stores are not outrageous in price and they have a great selection.Smile

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Posted: 07 Mar 2008, 22:07
Target is affordable and usually has stylish stuff. Try a wrap dress if you are large chested. Something that ties under the bust, it will accentuate your waist and then flow over the bottom half. I am fixing to start shopping for a dress too. i have a wedding in april i need a dress for. so, i will try to take my advice. we'll see if i can find something as well. good luck. i know how frustrating it can be.
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Posted: 08 Mar 2008, 06:41
Maybe a pantsuit or a skirt and top too.
I loved dresses on me till i gained a bunch of weight and then i couldn't find any dresses that looked right on me except at lane bryants and yeah thats wayyyyy too much money.
but nice pants and a jacket or a skirt and jacket always looked better on me.

good luck

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Posted: 10 Mar 2008, 15:27
I'm short with a thick midsection so I have to tailor most of my clothes. Sometimes I do it myself or I go somewhere and get it done. I remember seeing something on Oprah on how it's near impossible for every woman to find something that fits right off the rack. The annoying thing is the cost of doing this...you've got the cost of the clothes and then you have to add on tailoring. This makes going to the discount rack even more important for the penny-pincher!

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Posted: 10 Mar 2008, 15:38
Sizes have gone nuts. They are not even a starting point anymore. I'm a pear shape who recently bought a size 12 jacket to match a size 4 skirt - neither of these are sizes I normally wear.

I've developed a "pre-trying on" technique that consists of looking at the garment off the hanger, to see if it resembles my laundry when I fold it. If it does, then I hang it in front of me in the mirror to see if the top is too short, the neckline is in my bellybutton (being short, that happens a lot - a conservative v-neck on a tall woman is indecent on me) the waist of the pants are all the way down to my crotch, or the rise of the pants are down to my knees. Only then do I even take it to the dressing room. This cuts down on my dressing room time considerably. I shop at mass retailers or discount stores where there are a ton of different makes and sizes; I suppose if I went to an exclusive boutique, I wouldn't have this problem, but I like my clothing cheap.

That said, the only tailoring I do is hemming, or shortening the straps on tops. I don't think it is worth the time it takes me to tighten a button down shirt at my waist, if I can just find a button down that fits elsewhere/in the same store.

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Posted: 10 Mar 2008, 15:38
My sister-in-law is heavier on top and I tailor a lot of stuff for her. She just buys it to fit her largest part and then we tailor it to fit her other parts. I have a closer to "average" figure, but I still end up having some things tailored to fit me perfectly because it does SO MUCH for how something (especially dresses) flatters me.

I know tailoring is expensive, but for a wedding, it may be worth it. Try outlet stores. I found some great dresses at a Nordstrom's outlet that were a lot cheaper than at the regular store. Ross is good too, but you have to have a lot of time to look and try stuff on. Sometimes what is in fashion doesn't look good on anyone that isn't a stick, though, so go for more classical styles. Most dress makers will make an elegant gown for a good price and that might be the cheapest way to go in the long run if you have to buy a dress and have it tailored. Do you have a friend that can sew?

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Posted: 10 Mar 2008, 15:42
And the bane of my existance is pants, not dresses. I can go to a cheap discount store, pick a dress that is size large rather than a proper size, and 80% of the time it will fit me just fine. Pants, and especially jeans, usually involve trying on some 30 pairs to find 1 that fits.

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Posted: 14 Mar 2008, 12:52
Wow! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! I ended up going to LaneBryant and plopped down $90 for a pant suit that I did not even wear because of the snow storm! Laughing Oh well!

I also found avenue.com they seem to have reasonably priced clothes, too!

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Posted: 14 Mar 2008, 13:37
Check out WomanWithin.com too. They cater to size 14 and up and have some really cute stuff at reasonable prices.
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Posted: 14 Mar 2008, 14:58
I just love your posts!!! You come up with the best ideas to get us talking to each other!Very Happy Keep up the great interaction! Thank you! I must be ignorant with this site. I found the image icon but I still can't figure out how to get my picture to show up. I get the img to show up but not my pic! I am frustrated. Your posts always are so entertaining! WOW!!Wink Cool WinkSO COOL!
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Posted: 14 Mar 2008, 16:26
I agree that sizes are so off the wall.. and stores change their sizes! I had AE jeans, size 14.. went back two years later and didn't even fit into a 16.. but was still wearing my 14's from there, they were just warn out. GRRRRRRR. And then they look at YOU, like YOU'RE the crazy one when you tell themRolling Eyes

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Posted: 14 Mar 2008, 16:36
This reminds me of the time I complained to my dry cleaner that he was slowly shrinking my clothes Smile (he was a local town boy and personal freind too) so he told me,"Do you know many women accuse me of shrinking their clothes!" and he smiled at me!!! I knew right away that he was probably correct! It wasn't my clothes shrinking...it was me growing. It wasn't the dryer suddenly shrinking things either.

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Posted: 14 Mar 2008, 21:32
Check out Fashion Bug. They have some really cute dresses in the plus sizes.

That's an ironic post you made. It makes all the sense in the world. Obviously people are in denial about what is going on! Ugh.
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Posted: 14 Mar 2008, 22:24
I'm a Fashion Bug fan too. The Xanadi jeans they sell are the only jeans that fit me right. They have sales ALL the time too.
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Posted: 16 Mar 2008, 03:09
I too had to find a formal dress for my sisters wedding (being the maid of honor) and found Ebay very helpful. If you don't like bidding, then you can at least get a few good on-line stores that cater to larger ppl. I narrow the category so I'm not searching forever.

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Posted: 16 Mar 2008, 12:42
is there an ashley stewart near you...they only sell plus size and have really nice clothes...and not expensive...don't know if u can buy online try www.ashleystewart.com

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