Poison by Prescriptions!

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Posted: 03 Mar 2008, 12:56
After being a member here for just under less than one month, I am shocked to see how many members take Xanax, Paxil, Prozac, Celebrex, Wellbutrin, high blood pressure medication, and on and on and on.... It is very disheartening to me, as I know many of these pills are doing you a disservice in one way or another. Yes, you may get rid of one symptom with a pill, but you may experience another sypmtom as a result, and needing more pills for that!

I searched the forums for "Prescription for Disaster" and the search came up blank, so I don't think anyone has hit on this before. This is an hour and a half long documentary that exposes the ties our government and the FDA have with the drug companies.

Here's what google says to summarize:
Prescription for Disaster is an in-depth investigation into the symbiotic relationships between the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, ... all » lobbyists, lawmakers, medical schools, and researchers, and the impact this has on consumers and their health care. During this thorough investigation, we take a close look at patented drugs, why they are so readily prescribed by doctors, the role insurance companies and HMO's play in promoting compliance, and the problem of rising health care costs. We examine the marketing and public relations efforts on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies, including sales reps, medical journals and conferences. Further, we look at alternatives to traditional pharmacology and drug therapy, such as vitamins and nutritional supplements, and why they are often perceived as a competitive threat to the drug manufacturers. Alternative therapies also include diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Prescription for Disaster takes you on a journey through the tangled web of big business, the way disease is treated today, and the consequences we suffer as a society.

I emplore anyone on medications to spend the 1 1/2 hours watching this, and then another 30 minutes thinking about what you just saw!

We, as a society, do not need government and pharmaceutical companies making us any sicker than we already are.
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Posted: 03 Mar 2008, 13:22
The same could be said about the USDA, but you already discovered that as well. The beauty of the internet is that we are now in the Information Age. We can take responsiblity for our own health and decide we will not be drugged or told to eat stuff that is known to be bad for us.

Thank you for the article, I will check it out when I have time later this week. Before I do, though I just want to mention that those medications are beneficial to SOME people, but not to as many as they would want you to believe. After all, the pharmaceutical companies are a BUISINESS after all. They aren't out to help people, but to make MONEY. I know because I work in a doctor's office.

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Posted: 04 Mar 2008, 06:55
This is something very important, MillaLite. Big pharma doesn't want you to know about treating anything with natural medications (herbal and bio-identical, in the case of hormones), or vitamins and minerals, because these cannot be patented, so there'd be no money in it.

I think we are at a time in medicine when a lot of what is considered "mental" disorders also will be proven to be hormonal. I am hypothyroid, and 150 years ago, I'd have been put in a mental hospital for it, for "hysteria". Now we know it is hormonal. Panic attacks have been treated by holistic doctors with adrenal hormones and vitamins, with great results. A recent study in England gave adrenal hormones to 81 anorexics - no therapy at all - and achieved recovery rates of over 80%, which conventional treatments can't. So maybe one day, people will view anorexia and panic attacks the same way they view hypothyroidism now. Who knows?

ADHD medications and antidepressants are particularly overprescribed. Of course some people genuinely need them - but for mild depression, many times exercise + a sugar-free diet would do the trick. If you are on a constant blood sugar rollercoaster, you are gonna be depressed. And the role of Omega 3 supplementation, in *both these diseases* (there has also been research in England with supplementing it for ADD children with good results), is not as studied as it should be. I have a friend who has her little boy on ADHD meds since he was 3 - she'd also feed him basically just sugary chocolate milk and all the Coke he wanted, even at 10pm. If you have a little child filled with caffeine and sugar, you bet it is gonna be hyperactive. Anyone who has ever been to a kid's birthday party knows, after all the cupcakes and soda, they are all "hyperactive for the day".

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Posted: 04 Mar 2008, 09:53
Thank you MillaLite for sharing. I'll have to look at this info over the weekend.

I have a joint and collagen disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. My doctors just wanted to keep giving me more and more, stronger and stronger drugs. The drugs just masked the symptoms, I wasn't really getting any better. Then, I decided to take things into my own hands. With cleansing, diet, exercize, and herbal supplements. Now, I'm feeling much, much better! And I don't feel like a zombie like I did on the drugs from the doctor.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2008, 03:20
I can agree that medications in many cases are over prescribed and can be misused. I do feel that they are necessary in some cases. I misused my body & put on weight & I am now a diabetic with high blood pressure & take medication for both. I am working to get my body in better shape so that I may be able to reduce the medication however if I need to take it for the rest of my life, then I will do it. Also I know there is a lot of controversy over ADHD however if you have never had a child who is truly ADHD, then please be careful. Again I know that this medication is overused however I would hate to think where my son would be without it. We tried diets and other things & they did not work. He is now a successful adult, married and a manager at his firm. He would not be there without the medication. He still takes it except on weekends & vacation. (his wife is glad when he gets back to work). He realizes that he needs it to help him focus & be able to hold a job. I love him dearly & am very proud of who he is today.
I have seen people stop medication because of what others say about them. I would ask that anyone reading this information or viewing the website, do not discontinue any medication without checking with your doctor first & talking about alternatives. If you feel that you have a doctor that over-prescribes, then see if you can find a new doctor.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2008, 05:53
Not only perscription. Supplements are not innocent as well.


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Posted: 01 Nov 2008, 09:04
I have two certifications in herbal medicine and understand your point of view, however, I have to say that allopathic medicine does have its place.

When a person's body responds to no other treatment and they no longer have a quality of life OR have the risk of shortening their lives it is time for medical intervention.

Most of the problem lies in the fact that as a society we are lazy. Why do anything else when all you have to do is pop one pill and be done with it?? My own family suffers from this mentality.

My family history predisposes me to multiple problems. Still I take no medications and a very limited number of herbs (mostly to control menopausal symptoms). I have had medical professionals ask me if I am "sure" I am not on anything. They are amazed that I am 43 and not taking some kind of medication. That is a sad reflection on today's mentality and society in general.

While herbals may not always be safe joychend, many are safer than prescription medications. One example of this is Premarin. That is nasty stuff and is linked to breast, uterine and ovarian cancers yet it is prescribed to millions every day. Even the synthetic version is safer and still they prescribe this crap made from the urine of tortured pregnant mares! SICK!

Only you and your doctor can decide what your best course of treatment is under any circumstance,however, the big drug companies have a way of touting their way is the only way and the safest. This is far from true. Most of them are not interested in helping anyone but themselves-to your money!

Kava is one herb that comes to mind-people will tell you it will damage your liver. The study showing this was actually tainted if you look at the results. There was 1 person in 10000 who had a reaction and there were other factors in their health that could have been related, yet, to this day they will tell you it is unsafe. Hogwash!

Ah well, enough of my rant for today! LOL

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Posted: 01 Nov 2008, 09:08
Thanks for sharing, MillaLite. I haven't seen this movie but have read about this stuff elsewhere and completely agree.

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Posted: 01 Nov 2008, 16:39
I just have to say that I get really upset when I see posts like this on here. And I have had people comment to me before that I should not take anti-depressants. I come to this site for suuport and I understand certain views on this subject and I believe in being open minded- however when people say its yes or no and no gray area I get so frustrated. You are not a doctor. And if people hand out medical advice and someone listened, they could get seriously hurt.

I don't want to start a huge discussion here but I just have to say that although there are a LOT of problems with pharm companies and the medical industry, some people NEED drugs as treatment. For my conditions I have changed my diet, starting exercising regularly, done years and years of therapy and even tried alternative medicines and I would still try to kill myself if I didn't take my meds. So PLEASE don't include everyone in this category...my "poisonous" drugs are the only thing that have made me a fully functional person.

And if you actually want to learn both sides, watch an interesting video on alternative medicine, please watch Richard Dawkins' documentary called "Enemies of Reason (part 2)"
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Posted: 01 Nov 2008, 16:52
I'm not giving up my medication, I KNOW how I felt without them!
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Posted: 02 Nov 2008, 09:02
CSmittyRun--I understand completely. This is why I said, "When a person's body responds to no other treatment and they no longer have a quality of life OR have the risk of shortening their lives it is time for medical intervention."

Allopathic medicines have their place, as does naturopathic. Only you and your doctor can decide what is best for you.

We are still a "pop a pill society". Many conditions can be treated with lifestyle changes. For those that do not respond, allopathic medicine is definately necessary to ensure their lives are happy, healthy and productive.

It is wonderful that you have taken a proactive approach to your health and happiness. That is to be applauded. Many people do not choose to do that-they just eat the pills and keep their habits. You are the exception and should be proud of yourself!

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