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Posted: 29 Jan 2008, 16:54
Okay here it is... I'm dieting for health and all that. We are going on our first family vacation in May. I'm one of these super organized nut jobs who has to plan everything down to the tee. I have already reserved a rental car, got reservations for a condo, etc. I have a book of checklists, instructions, daily iteneraries, prices, etc. Well I'm trying to plan if I'm going down there to cook for my family or eat at restaurants. I'm researching the restaurants to decide where to eat and stuff. So my question is... SHOULD I BRING MY DIET ON VACATION WITH US OR LEAVE IT AT HOME WITH THE DOG AND CAT? Idea
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Posted: 29 Jan 2008, 17:21
That depends on wether you want to gain all the weight back you recently lost.

I think you might allow yourself maybe 1 vacation day from your diet, but more than that will set you back more than you want IMO. At least that has been my experience.

It is still fun to eat out sometimes even if you do have to stay within guidelines. Hey! Someone else is preparing it. You could do all dinners and some lunches out but eat at the condo for breakfast and have your family help prepare some lunches for picnics.

Good luck!

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Posted: 31 Jan 2008, 06:58
You are so organised - that would drive me nuts! Don't let your diet spoil your holiday, but try to stay within reason. Have seafood instead of burgers, and vegitables/ salad instead of fries. When I went on vacation last year I felt like I was really missing out, but a friend told me that I couldn't put my life on hold whilst I was trying to lose weight... Just try to maintain over the vacation, and get back on the celery sticks when you get home. Besides, May is a long way off - you'll be a slender waif in your swimsuit by then, and due a break!
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Posted: 31 Jan 2008, 07:02
I agree with Sundance - just aim for maintaining. So, don't go too mad, but don't let your diet ruin your holiday. What worked for me over the Christmas holiday was to try to stick to Slim Fast for at least one meal (preferably two) each day, and then enjoy the meals out with family the rest of the time. I only gained 1/2 lb between Christmas Eve and New Year, so I was delighted with that!

Good luck!! Smile
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