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Posted: 25 Dec 2007, 16:46
Just wanna say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!! OUR Computer bit the dust this past friday, i am sending this email to you from my daughters house, so ya all know i am still here, alive and well, and ready for the new year to begin with many happy healthy new beginnings for me and all whom disire the same.
Best wishes to all
love Brenda
ps. I will be in touch as soon as i have my PUTER REPAIRED.
not sure when that may be.

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Posted: 25 Dec 2007, 19:52
Im so glad you checked in with us; hope you are having the best ever holiday...........get that puter up and running real soon so we can talk.......

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Posted: 26 Dec 2007, 00:25
Good to hear all is well, except for the puter that is. Smile Have a wonderful visit with your family and a great holidays!!

I have my own personal, vacation weeks for sale in Mexico!! Feel free to email me for more info... $700 for 2adults, 2 children, 7 nights!! =D
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Posted: 26 Dec 2007, 04:55
happy holidays..sorry to hear your computer died..if your that attached to it..then you feel like your going thru withdrawals..mabye they can fix it sooner for you...
just remember that nobody, I mean NOBODY, is looking out for your health, except for YOU !!!!!!

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