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Posted: 28 Nov 2007, 16:57
I am not starting another diet, I need to change my eating and exercising habits for good, starting right now.

Anyone in the same situation? Buddy up?


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Posted: 28 Nov 2007, 18:54
I am also slowly changing my eating habits--which means to me that I will lose weight very slowly. I started this change in April and I have lost 28 pounds since then. Many weeks I stay the same weight, however then I focus on how much healthier I feel. I exercise thirty minutes everyday--usually walking and I focus on healthy food choices, fruits and vegetables and portion control. For me its just been a mind change after a lifetime of being on a diet. I can always lose weight on a diet but i've always found maintaining my weight lose to be more difficult. I'm always ready to get off the diet and slowly I slip back into my old food habits. Good luck to you--I think it all starts in our thought processes.

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Posted: 29 Nov 2007, 19:43
I am doing the same thing. I am not a fan of dedicated diets. They are just to hard to stick to long-term. I lost 30lbs 2 1/2 years ago with diet and exercise.. Gained 10 of it back and want to lose the last 10 or so I never lost. I am at 137 and 5'2" right now.. I am hoping to get around 115-120ish.


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Posted: 20 Dec 2007, 14:05
I feel the same way. I can't stick with a structured diet but I can do my best to make healthier choices. I'm in the middle of consciously changing my habits by recognizing my eating behaviors. One of my worst habits is eating in front of the computer or not taking the time to eat a meal. I always feel like I have to multi-task so all my life, eating has been a side task rather than a time to relax and enjoy. I'd like to tackle down 30 lbs so I'm hoping these behavior changes will make it finally happen. I'm open to buddying up with anyone who feels the same way about dieting.

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