Low sodium anyone?

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Posted: 09 Apr 2019, 15:46
Looking for encouragement from others on sticking to a low sodium (less than 2 g. per day)and recipes. I am a salt addict. Give me a box of Wheat Thins over a bag of M and M's any day! Smile. That needs to stop but Mrs. Dash has no flavor! Other ideas and suggestions?

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Posted: 10 Apr 2019, 22:32
Agree that Mrs Dash is not a good substitute, but I’ve been using Benson’s Table Tasty which is very good. You can buy it on Amazon.

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Posted: 10 Apr 2019, 23:04
Hi all, I'am new here.
You can also buy salt substitutes from your health food shops.
I remember my Nana using something & it actually tasted like the real thing.

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