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Posted: 09 Jul 2018, 07:40
tmro is weigh in day, I wish I could say I am looking forward to the figures scale has for me, but I don't. The scale traumatizes me ai ai.

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what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
I’m 5’3 and try to maintain current weight of about 104. Anything less and my skin gets kinda loose and gross lol. I have been 125 pounds before though and was healthy at that weight as well.
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How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Every day first thing in the morning. I got used to the fluctuations and I think it keeps me focused.
by lauraa229 on 26 Feb 20 03:57 PM
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by Diminishing_ME on 21 Jan 20 08:10 AM

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