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Posted: 08 Jul 2018, 06:16
On the graph in the weight history section, the bars started off as red, moved through orange and are now yellow. The yellow bars are getting longer.

What does the colour mean?
What does the length of the bar signify?

I have no idea how to interpret it LOL

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Posted: 10 Jul 2018, 06:33
I think red means you are in the obsese range and the color gets lighter as you approach normal weight range. Just guessing.

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Posted: 10 Jul 2018, 14:09
The length has to do with how close you are to your goal. No matter how much (5 pounds or 100) the bars start off red, then move through orange and yellow to green and then blue. The longer the bars, the more weight you have lost. Based on how much your goal is.
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Posted: 10 Jul 2018, 19:50
I think the bar changes color when you lose 25% of your goal, then 50%, 75% and goes blue when you are within a pound or two of your final goal. My goal was 58 pounds, so every 14.5 pounds it changes color, although sometimes it does change a pound or two early.

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