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Posted: 26 Oct 2007, 12:28
I have a message from my doctor regarding Sounth Beach diet (and its good) and I hav ea weigh in but I cant navigate around this new setu up, my brain is not willing to sit here and figure it out either. I might give it up here for a few days, I dont have it in me to sit her and look at suck a scattered system. Is anyone else LIKING this new setup? IS it just me? You all have a great weekend. Maybe they'll change it back by Monday. Doubt
"Nothing taste as good as thin feels"


Joined: Oct 07
Posts: 1,157

Posted: 26 Oct 2007, 12:29
"Suck" a scatterd system...LOL Guess I know what I was REALLY thinking about it. LOL
"Nothing taste as good as thin feels"


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Posted: 26 Oct 2007, 12:58
Id have to agree.....Im SO LOST ! And frustrated. I dont like change !!! UGH !!!
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