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Posted: 17 Oct 2007, 10:54
I am paralyzed and have been gaining steadily for the past 3 years but I really noticed a rapid gain after I started taking an anti-depressant called Lexapro. I was on it for about 5 months. That was a year ago & I just can't get this weight off! I am an emotional eater. When I'm sad, I eat. When I'm happy, I eat. When I'm lonely, you guessed it ... I EAT! I have tried South Beach in the past, and it worked for a while, but I didn't stick with it. I'm going to try WW (I think)but I don't know if it's right for me. For me, it's all about the food/calories since I am unable to do any type of exercise Sad

I am here to get serious about losing weight, get any advise from you on which diet might work best for my situation, & to find some buddies to recieve/give encouragement.

Would especially love to hear from someone in similar situation.

May God Bless you today!

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Posted: 17 Oct 2007, 10:59
I'm a emotional eater too. WW has helped me I take zoloft for anxiety attacks, and that is what put the weight on me. Try something after you join WW write everthing down that you would normally eat then look in the points book they give you and you'll see the diffrence in points, and realize if you eat the points your aloud you will loose the weight. Good LuckWink

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Posted: 19 Oct 2007, 22:56
Hi There,

You probably have a much harder time keeping weight off being in a wheel chair and not being able to excercise. My sister is also in a wheelchair and paralyzed. She did weight watchers with me and my husband when we first started in 2002. She lost about 20 pounds! She actually weighed in at a hospital, and we very clumsily weighed in on her scale. As long as it was going down she was happy! Weight watchers does work!!!!

Good luck to you!

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Posted: 20 Oct 2007, 07:34
For me, Weight WAtchers has worked VERY WELL... I saw that someone wrote about getting weighed at the hospital so you could have a starting point. Is that an option for you? The reason I ask is that I just started this week and made the mistake of NOT getting a reliable weigh in - so it can be frustrating to NOT know and then think,
"oh well - I feel fat anyway - i'll just eat"...so I off this morning to get a REAL weigh in.

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Posted: 20 Oct 2007, 07:41
would switching to ww after doing atkins help if I only need to drop the last of my weight??? like ten pounds or so...
Diets are like a jar of jalapenos.... the choices you make today might just burn your butt tomorrow!!!

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Posted: 20 Oct 2007, 09:43
WW definitely teaches you a more healthier way of eating, whether you do the Core Plan or count your points. The points plan is more flexible, allowing you to eat what you want. So if you want to eat chocolate, you can - so long as you keep within your daily points limit!

I'm doing the points plan and writing everything down, it has taught me to choose more healthier options so that I make the best of my points each day.

Lorik, I would say that WW would show you a more permanent way of healthy eating. I don't really know much about Atkins other than it's based on protein. I tried it once for a week and just felt so ill... so that one definitely didn't work for me. But WW is working for me at the moment, so there's no reason why it couldn't work for you too. Just remember that the nearer you are to goal, the harder it is to lose. But you will get there... so just stick with it! Wink

Good luck to everyone though... we can do it! Very Happy

Sue εїз

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Posted: 21 Oct 2007, 02:37
Lori, you should read up on the pre-Maintenance and Lifetime maintenance phases of Atkins. They include more whole grains, fruits and legumes. The process of moving through the phases just helps you find your Carb limit for weight maintenance when you get down to your ideal weight and then stay there unless you start gaining and then cut back some. It really is meant to be a lifelong plan. I recently re-read Atkins and I realized that I have been mislead by a lot of the bad press it received. I had forgotten what the Lifetime plan really meant. Take a look. It is chapters 16 and 17 of the 2002 Revised edition of Atkins.

Love the food that loves you back.

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Posted: 21 Oct 2007, 04:51
Will do, thanks!Very Happy
Diets are like a jar of jalapenos.... the choices you make today might just burn your butt tomorrow!!!

"I can lose weight and be healthy, exercise to the best of my ability, and get stronger and better at it every time I do it."

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