If it's white, don't eat it!

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Annie Laurie

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Posted: 16 Oct 2007, 10:53
Worlds greatest, easiest, funest diet ever.
Easy to follow,
Easy to stick to,
Great weight loss with high energy.Smile

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How to delete past calendar food journal entries? Can I download my info to excel?
Hi, I recently researched that question and couldn't get the food deleted so went in and luckily only had 3 days to delete before I joined a challenge. I deleted ea entry using my iphone fatsecret ...
by karinasepilogue on 21 Sep 21 08:44 PM
Walking for Health
In a study of 16,741 older women, those who averaged 4,400 steps or more had a significantly lower risk of death compared to those taking 2,700 or fewer steps per day. I must keep walking!
by Blacrock on 21 Sep 21 01:57 PM
Steady Weight Loss
I'm now 60 and I was up to 255lbs @ 6'4". I have done Atkins style in past, but now, am doing Intermittent fasting, and Keto style food. This has worked great for me as I enjoy my BBQ meats, ...
by dapepperman on 21 Sep 21 12:09 PM
Close Call
Due to my husband's birthday, I had, for 4 separate days, a sliver of birthday cake - 40gms - 156 calories each sliver. Plus on 2 separate days, I had a serving of ice cream and on one day a half ...
by -MorticiaAddams on 20 Sep 21 10:53 AM
Do you work from home?
by Liliana Floyd on 19 Sep 21 07:40 PM

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