Anyone else trying to lose wieght while breastfeeding?

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Posted: 16 Oct 2007, 07:55
Hello, I'm trying to lose the extra baby wieght and I'm also breastfeeding. I'm planning on eating healthier and cutting out sweets and high fat stuff, I do not really have a set diet plan. I'm just curious if there are any other breatfeeding moms out there and what you are doing to lose wieght. Thanks!

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Posted: 18 Oct 2007, 09:51
I am not personally. But I have a friend who is(shes not on this site). She has joined me in doing the GI diet(which is recommended for pregnant/breastfeeding moms and diabetics), and she is doing great. She isnt losing weigh as fast as I am but it has been a steady decrease. The GI(Glycemic Index) is based on how much each food affects your blood sugar levels. Somethings like sugar cause bloodsugar to spike and drop quickly. This causes your body to store calories as fat because of insulin levels and the "starvation mode". They are also digested really quickly leaving you to feel hungry again. Foods with a good GI rating (veggies, chicken, whole grains ect) take longer to digest, therefore not causeing a spike in blood sugar levels and leaving you feeling fuller longer. When your blood sugar levels stay more balanced out, your body doesn't store the calories and will use the stored calories(fat) for energy. Check it out if you want :

You don't have to follow the diet really strictly, but the book is deffinately worth reading. It has a good breakdown of fats, calories, carbs, sugars, ect. with really good explainations (and Rick Gallop keeps it simple so no big scientific words we can't pronounce).

Good luck!! Congratulations on the baby! Very Happy
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Posted: 23 Oct 2007, 05:42
Thank you! I will check out that website.

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Posted: 23 Oct 2007, 07:59
Hi! I am a breastfeeding mom(my baby is now 8.5 months old), and I have just started to try to lose some weight(not much success just yet--but ever hopeful!). I am doing a version of the YouSurprisedn a diet plan(as I understand it)... having the same healthy, low fat meal for breakfast and lunch and then whatever is healthy and yummy for dinner. My breakfasts are smoothies and my lunches are salads---I figure that this way there is a fair amount of latitude and that I won't get bored.... my snacks are relegated to toasted almonds, hummus w/ veggies, and the occassional graham cracker(thanks baby!).

Again, not much in the way of results, but this diet is better then my old diet which included Whole Foods cookies(no trans fats, but still a caloric load!) and lots of toast/bagels....

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Posted: 23 Oct 2007, 09:33
Hello, I am sure you are eager to get the baby fat off! Let me tell you something, you have an advantage that all of don't. You just had a baby! That's great news for you. You are probably thinking the opposite. Here's the deal, you are producing HCG its a human hormone that pregnant or recently pregnant women produce. You may research it for more info. Anyways, that hormone allows your body to release the LOCKED fat. Typically that is found in your buttocks, hips and stomach. The perfect scenario for you. As you breast feed you need hundreds of calories to feed your baby. The trick is to eliminate the carbs from your diet. Drop them to under 20 grams per day, continue to breast feed and girl I assure you, you are going to drop that weight. I'd be more than happy to help you learn the atkins diet. Those smoothies are super high in sugar (fruit has sugar), almonds have some carbs and those crackers aren't helping you either. Just in those items you mentioned I am sure you ate over the 20 grams. The above info I got it from, The Weight Loss Cure book thats on commercials. Its true and really effective to fight the bulge. You know, if I wanted to get the HCG hormone you are "naturally" producing I would have to pay close to $200 per shot,per day, for over 30 days..You have all of that for free. Trust me cut out the carbs and you will get your body back!

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Posted: 24 Oct 2007, 06:58
I'm a little leary of lowcarb diets since my baby is still so young. They can effect your milk supply and I already struggle with a borderline low supply. I also tried the atkins diet a few years ago and hated it. I tried three times and could never get past the two week phase one.

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Posted: 25 Oct 2007, 11:20
Hi! I've got a 4-week-old and a 2.5 year old. Nursing the baby and chasing the preschooler seems to be working so far. LOL

I agree with you about avoiding the low carb diets. Actually, you should avoid a low anything diet. Aim for balanced nutrition, drink a lot of water, and make sure you're still taking your prenatal vitamins. I've cut out ice cream and chocolate because they give the baby an upset tummy, also I'm working on cutting out regular pop. I'm staying home more, which is helping in that I'm not grabbing as much fast food while we're out and about, and my house is staying cleaner because I'm doing more housework, which burns calories Smile

Remember that you actually need MORE calories now that you're breastfeeding - has a good calculator on their site. I put in my goal weight (150) and my stats (5'3", 30 years old), checked off 'breastfeeding' and it told me that to maintain that weight I need about 2300 calories a day (2600 to maintain my current weight). Although honestly I'm having trouble reaching that! I'm averaging around 18-1900 most of the time.

If you cut your calories too far, you run the risk of leaving yourself drained and tired, you may affect your milk supply, and you'll also lose weight more slowly as your body goes into starvation mode and hoards calories.

Good luck, I'd be happy to chat with you anytime Smile



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Posted: 26 Oct 2007, 12:00
Hi Selena! I've been losing weight while b/f for the past 3 years (before you say gross - it was to 3 different babies- now 3, 1 and 2 months old, read my profile for the whole story). I follow weight watcher's plan for b/f moms and have been very happy with the results. It is slow going (I've only lost 0.6 pounds for each of the past 2 weeks), but I have never had my milk supply compromised and I like that I can still eat whatever I want as long as I keep track of it. You probably already know this, but whatever you decide to do, make sure you are eating something every 2 hours or so. When I forget to eat one of my snacks, I suddenly realize I'm STARVING and that's never good when you're trying to eat healthier!

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