What happens when you reset your starting weight or diet?

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Posted: 13 Feb 2018, 10:50
I've lost a lot of weight since starting and would prefer to see my current weight loss and diet journal performance based on just the last few months rather than the last 2 years. However, I don't want to completely delete this historical data. It is a nice reminder of how far I've come.

Does resetting your starting weight just alter the first entry in your weight journal or does it add a new entry that counts as a new starting weight? If it's the second, can you still see old weight entries?

Same thing with restarting a diet. Does it just set a new starting point or does it wipe out all of the historical weight and food journal entries and start over?

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Posted: 13 Feb 2018, 11:28
I changed my weight goal many times during the past years, I never lost any data
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Posted: 13 Feb 2018, 11:35
Thanks for the feedback. Smile I've also reset my weight goal and RDI and not had any issues. My question is more about changing the starting values. I would like to know if I go to MY FATSECRET > MY DIET and choose either "a: change starting weight" or or "b: restart diet", what happens.

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