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Posted: 30 Apr 2016, 11:43
I've been reading about the use of SPIRULINA as a supplement to help with various attributes from removing toxins from the system, helping with allergies, and overall good as an immunity from the bad stuff we put in our bodies. I had taken it years ago and don't recall any bad side effects. Anyone having experience with this Supplement- your comments would be welcome.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2016, 14:46
legit -

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Posted: 02 May 2016, 07:26
this supplement is also being used in a healthy beverage addition called 'myworks-greens on the go' it is a nutritional packet powder to add to unsweetened juice, lemon-flavored water, or whatever. it is a combination of a little protein and geen vegetables in beverage form.
I just got my first order. my concern with most of these items - if it raises your blood pressure and I would check online and do a 'google search' for pros/cons on usage.

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Posted: 02 May 2016, 08:26
Is that product available at drug stores or just On-Line?

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Posted: 02 May 2016, 09:32
Spirulina is a food, blue-green algae. You should be able to find the powder in health food stores. In the 70's there was some speculation that it could be a miracle food as an inexpensive protein source to feed a growing population that strained the planet's resources. (I don't think the expense of it ever got low.) I used to stir it into cottage cheese (making it gloriously green). It has a slightly salty seaweed-ish flavor.
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Posted: 02 May 2016, 14:27
the product is online or through a distributor for 'greens on the go' with
it works product line for another option that gives you 8 servings of fruit/vegetables, 32 super foods, probiotic and ph balancing in a pwder form to take with a small glass of juice

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