Would any of this be allowed?

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Posted: 08 May 2007, 13:16
I will keep this short-- would this be allowed? I'm DYING for a hot dog today!! If this will work-- I'm headed to town to hunt them down!! I know that we are trying to un-do old habits, but I still need to find ways to fall off the wagon -- more like fall off the wagon with a bungee! *I wouldn't recommend that anyone do anything that isn't listed on the "allowed foods list"-- this is just a personal question, but I wouldn't recommend it (if it wasn't listed, it probably wasn't listed for a reason!).

Veggie Dogs

Tofu Dogs

I also came across these...

Tofutti Sliced Cheese
Tofutti Cream Cheese --is the sugar an issue here?

Galaxy Foods--Sliced Cheese (opens pdf doc)

These were also really wonderful looking!
Meat Balls

I found a lot of other products on their pages-- and I am sure that it wouldn't be wise to go buy everything on the shelf-- but if you have a "weak" moment-- for me it would be better than eating that 2 lb chub of cookie dough in the fridge... and it would be nice to have if we are at a BBQ or camping!!

Any thoughts??

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Posted: 09 May 2007, 11:57
Ive used the lightlife products with great results plus they are made with soybeans and they are allowed. I think you just need to use yoru own judgement if thats okay or not everything in moderation. I even at the gardenburger variety riblett one night during phase one just to get over that craving for meat. Its a soy product but it works. I don't like tofu so I can't really tell ya yea or nay on that. Good luck....

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Posted: 09 May 2007, 14:24
I picked up a package of Tofu-- firm for grilling and frying Smile I am going to try the "fake chicken fingers" recipe with the marinara sauce.

I got a package of "smart dogs" and tried 2 with green onions. It actually tasted very good-- I love that smokey/salty taste (maybe I should just snack on liquid smoke! j/k)-- after the first one I kinda choked down the second one because I thought I was more hungry than I really was-- I think my body was saying "whoa-- meat" and then I felt that really full almost too full feeling-- I ate my orange and felt like all that was more than enough. In fact while eating the second one I thought that I wasn't so sure about going back to eating the way I used to-- it almost disgusted me!! And I was the die-hard hot dog fan, eat them raw, cooked, eat the raw ones while waiting on the cooked ones... and here I am going "oh man do I gotta finish this?". In a wierd way I was proud of myself! Side effect I didn't expect!!

I also picked up a soy chorizo for Saturday Breakfast-- (that's a big thing around my house)... a couple of garden burgers and the garden chicken patties (not chicken). I haven't tried any of that yet, I thought I'd wait and use them when I HAVE to. But it was a real comfort knowing that I had them. Yah I'd look pretty silly packing around a package of garden burgers and telling people it's my woobie Very Happy

If we do BBQ this week end-- at least I'll be safe and that I didn't do major damage!!


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Posted: 09 May 2007, 16:14
Be careful with the garden chicken patties they are breaded and I know thats a no no in phase one. I give ya props for the tofu I can't stand the stuff lol. I'll stick with my soy products lol.

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