Should I go from a long term atkins to low GI ?

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Posted: 07 May 2007, 14:28
I have put on a few pounds 10? maybe in the last year. I have been cheating a lot.

I'm getting conerned about too much meat and cheese should I switch to low GI?

Although I don't reallly understand the low GI?

Joined: May 07
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Posted: 09 Jun 2007, 17:17
From one atkins doer to another,,,, stop now ! loose the 10 lbs.! If it bothers you.. I did the same thing got lazy 10 lbs turned into 20 and so on, Before you know it your almost where you started at. Just do atkins for a few weeks and exercise do it now or you wont stop ( the cheating too)Razz

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