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Posted: 23 Apr 2007, 14:49
Hi! I'm Kiki...lookin' for some weight loss buddies to help keep me motivated...share stories with...just some basic support...I really want to do this this time, ya know? I want this weight to come off and I'd like to have a support group to share my successes with as well....
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Posted: 26 Apr 2007, 07:04
Count me in! I am in the same boat. If you need motivation, I'm here! Smile

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Posted: 01 May 2007, 19:31
Im in as well. Sometimes it takes a village. But we will get there!Wink
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Posted: 03 May 2007, 20:44
also in!! I have been doing atkins on and off for years. This recent time. I have been on it for 7 months and have gone from 221.8 to 178.0 a total of 43.8 lbs.

Kind of at a stand still right now, but have started the beginning phase of Atkins over again.

Just signed up tonight to look for some more recipes.

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Posted: 06 May 2007, 04:31
I need help.
I was having some successon the Atkins diet but when things started to slow down i quit like i always do. But im sick and tired of being this way and have decided that i need support from people who know what im going through. Ive put on some weight since i stopped and now i have more to lose.
Anyone who can help me keep motivated and stay on track would be appreciated.

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Posted: 06 May 2007, 09:28
Thats what we are here for. Get back on the plan and we all will get there together. "There are no shortcuts to the top."
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Posted: 07 May 2007, 09:58
I'm here to. I just started the fat smash diet again today. I have done it in the past & it worked greatbt I hit a pleatau & i stopped & gained some of the weight back. Now I have more to lose but this time I am going to try not to stop intill I reach my goal. I'm here if you need me.

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Posted: 08 May 2007, 06:51
i also need to lose weight but i have 3 months to do it!!!! ahh its crazy to think about losing 30 pounds in 3 months..but i need to do it. so if anybody would like to be my buddy so we can help each other out, that would be awesome Very Happy

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