My Secret for a Great Life:

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Posted: 23 Feb 2007, 00:40
When I learned to love myself no matter what is when I had the courage to start a new way of life, it isnt a diet for me it is a way of life that I have to follow for good health. For years I would feel like I was being punished by having to be on a diet. I am a food lover and it comes natural for me to love all the good (and fattening) foods. I am a mood eater and it comforts me, when I found other ways of comfort, my first crutch was drugs! Boy, was that a big mistakeRolling Eyes Then to add to it, I had a hysterectomy and lost my mind lolLaughing But, the biggest secret that i finally realized was that God loved me: fat, skinny, junkie, straight and I needed to learn to respect myself enough to do the same. Then healing came. It makes it much easier to make it in this life, and to appreciate what good thing I have to fight for.Cool Hope that makes sence.
You only have one life, live it well!!

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Posted: 28 Feb 2007, 18:52
Wow Stacey...How beautiful is that! You are so right our physicalness has little importance when you realize the joy of being your true self.

Love Ya - Julie

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