Why has my weight loss stopped after the 3rd week? -- Explaining the Weight Loss Pattern on Atkins

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Posted: 05 Feb 2007, 04:41
Here is an article I came across... Enjoy!

The Atkin's 2 Week induction phase:- heady stuff, weight loss nearly every day, usually enormous and unbelievable amounts!

This is very often followed by complaints of "a stall" or only losses of "just 1 lb per week".

Many people don't know that weight loss is rate limited, in other words the body has factors preventing more than a certain amount to be released from storage and even more factors that prevent these released fatty acids from being used up instead of stored back in the cells.

This is called the set point principle. The priority of the human body is survival, anything that threatens that results in a cascade of events to maintain the previous status quo.

Water fluctuations are one way the body protects itself.z During induction you may have lost 10lbs during 2 weeks, possibly 7lbs 1st week and 3lbs 2nd, then weeks 3& 4 - no loss! & weeks 5&6 only 1/2lbs each- so what's happening?

Initially the body jettisons your carb-burning enzymes whilst building fat-buring ones(around 3lbs), and the water attatched to the glycogen stores that we diligently deplete to get into BDK. This amounts to 3-5 lbs water. In addition muscle stores of glycogen are not being replaced when used, which will account for most of the rest of your losses. All in all maybe 0.5lbs fat metabolised during 1st week & maybe same 2nd, so only 1lb fat lost, but 9lbs water and enzymes.

The body senses this diuretic effect, and the sirens go off, 'WARNING! Water loss occuring... New thing! get back to status quo!!"

The Brain tells body to produce vasosupression antidiuretic hormone - more water is retained and so, no weight loss is registered on the scale.

Fat loss is still occurring however- maybe 2lbs per week- because BDK is firmly established and appetite surpresssion is in effect- but water is hiding that weight loss.

The body is preventing dehydration and that is a Good Thing. However, from the perspective of the scale this can be very discouraging, and why we all say "Get the tape measure out!"

Which is why the mantra 'Water retention hides weight loss' is helpful!! Water retention will mask ongoing weight loss for as long as the body retains the water.

We can combat this by drinking more water but we can't overcome this natural mechanism during the initial water loss phase of Atkins.

By week 5 & 6 things start to get back into balance and the scale will begin to reflect true weight loss - which is still rate limited.

"Try and try again... Never give up, Never!"

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Posted: 05 Feb 2007, 23:13
Good point. That explains my last 2 weeks. Atkins also say's just to say on the induction phase up to 6 months if you can

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Posted: 06 Feb 2007, 03:05
thank you thank you thank youSmile Smile Smile Smile
THAT helps me feel a bit better!

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Posted: 08 Feb 2007, 11:54
Actually me too. I have lost a stone but have since stalled. Need to keep up the hydration programme!

Thanks for taking the time to post the article.

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Posted: 09 Feb 2007, 19:37
Great post! makes a lot of sense! Guess I'm probably hitting that soon. Nice to know what is really going on inside the body. I tend to not drink enough water and have noticed some swelling of my fingers, like water retention. I must change that behavior soon. But I'm loosing size and wearing smaller clothing so measurement is the key. Great advice to the scale watchers! Measure, Measure, Measure!! Thanks!

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Posted: 11 Feb 2007, 10:38
Smile Thanks for the info. I too have reached a stopping point in my weight loss but keep on plugging away. I too need to drink more water during the day but one thing that I do do is try not to drink any pop. I use crystal light and other things that are carb free. I have to say that you have to be an avid label watcher!! Very Happy

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Posted: 30 Aug 2007, 15:05
I'm near the end of my 2nd week and the loss is slowing significantly. Thanks for posting this. Now I won't get too worried and push through!

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Posted: 31 Aug 2007, 05:14
I had a friend who used to work in a spa and she told me that sometimes your body pulls the fat, but it floats in the bloodstream for a few days until it is flushed out. Therefore, the scale is not going to relect the loss, though it has occurred. I think the key is plenty of water to get that fat flushed out of there.

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