not loosing any weight

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Gabriele 31

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Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 21:39
I have followed the diet ridgedly and only lost 4 ponds in 3 weeks I work out at the gym 3 times a week I hav'nt gone into ketosis at all and sometimes I have less than 20grams of carbs a day any suggestions?

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Posted: 28 Jan 2007, 00:58
Sometimes weight loss is stopped (or never started) due to a number of reasons. Your period is a major concern when it comes to this. Also, are you eating the recommended amount of veggies? I've noticed that the irregurality that comes with Atkins also tends to slow weight loss (try a sugar-free fiber supplement like Metamucil). Are you drink enough water? This is a major key to Induction.

As far as the strips go, my mom lost 20 pounds on Atkins and never once went into "Ketosis", so don't get too bent out of shape about them.

I know it is frustrating, but keep with it. You'll get over that mark with time. Good luck!Smile

Smile Keep it up!

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Posted: 28 Jan 2007, 10:27
Dont give up. The first time I went on Atkins, I lost nothing for a month! It was so frustrating and I almost gave up... then all of a sudden the scale went down 7 pounds at once! My body apparently started loosing inches long before weight. I would suggest measuring your arms, legs, hips and etc.. to monitor your loss that way as well. Oh... and those strips...... they never turned for me either and I lost 59 pounds in 7 months the first time around, so dont give up! You may want to journal what your eating and drinking and dont forget to count carbs for those splenda packets and diet sodas if your having them. They add up quick and you dont even realize it. Good Luck!

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Posted: 28 Jan 2007, 11:47
I don't think anything is wrong with the way your eating or exercising; from the sounds of it your doing great. When you workout your body, your muscle mass grows. Remember: that muscle weighs a lot more than fat, you could be losing fat as well as toning up your body! I suggest measuring yourself on top of weighing. Don't give up!

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Posted: 29 Jan 2007, 14:51
Yes, Make sure your drinking at least 10-12 cups of water a day, ( add a bottle of Fruit flavor H20 to your water for some taste if drinking that much water is a problem. It has zero calories and zero carbs and no sugar, gives water some more taste and makes it easy to get the water you need to flush your system out.
Also and add some low carb fiber veggies, My favorite is a Broccoli Mushroom Garlic Ginger Stir Fry..

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